Possession of Cocaine

Ohio laws are strict when it comes to controlled substances. Drug convictions in Ohio can lead to heavy penalties. Cocaine, in particular, is considered a very dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse. Which is why it is categorized as a Schedule II drug under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act.

The legal consequences that follow a cocaine possession conviction can be crushing. A person with a controlled substance conviction can face prison time, large fines, and the potential label of a "felon." Professional and personal opportunities can pass you by due to a single mistake. It is time to stay informed and protect your rights in the court of law. Find an experienced defense attorney today with Joslyn Law Firm.

Columbus Cocaine Possession Attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio courts are not kind to those convicted of cocaine possession. A person arrested with the smallest amount of cocaine may be charged with a felony. It is highly recommended that if you are arrested for possession of cocaine to stay silent with law enforcement and obtain legal representation. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you take the steps necessary to fight your charges.

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm are experienced in aggressively defending those accused of drug crimes throughout the greater southern Ohio area. Joslyn Law Firm approaches each client with understanding and a plan of defense. We are prepared to do what it takes to attack your charges to preserve your way of life.

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Overview for Cocaine Possession Charges in Ohio

Penalties for Possession of Cocaine in Hamilton County

Cocaine is labeled as a Schedule II drug under the United State's Controlled Substances Act. A Schedule II drug is defined as having a medically accepted usage for a high risk for abuse. This means that any penalties surrounding the possession, use, sale, or manufacturing of cocaine will result in harsh legal repercussions.

The following are the penalties associated with cocaine possession in Ohio.


Amount of Cocaine


Level of Offense


Maximum Fine


Maximum Prison Time

5 to 10 Grams

4th Degree Felony

$5,000 Fine

Up to 18 Months in Prison

10 to 20 Grams

3rd Degree Felony

$10,000 Fine

Up to 5 Years in Prison

20 to 27 Grams

2nd Degree Felony

$15,000 Fine

Up to 8 Years in Prison

27 to 99 Grams

1st Degree Felony

$20,000 Fine

Up to 11 Years in Prison

100 Grams or More

1st Degree Felony

$20,00 Fine

Mandatory Prison Term

Incarceration and mounting costs are not the only consequences to cocaine possession convictions. A person who has been convicted of a felony is considered a "felon." Felons can have difficulty in their professional and personal lives. He or she may lose job opportunities, difficulty in applying for housing, and an inability to take loans from the federal government.

Ohio Drug Courts in Cincinnati

Prison does not have to be the only option for those convicted of felony level drug crimes. In some instances, the alleged offender has the ability to treat their drug addiction rather than serve prison time. Ohio offers drug courts for those who are eligible. If the alleged offender completes the drug court program they can either reduce or dismiss his or her charges.

Drug courts only allow those who qualify to participate in their program. The following are the requirements to be able to attend drug court:

  • The crime must be a felony offense of the 4th or 5th degree.
  • The alleged offender is diagnosed with having a chemical dependency;
  • The alleged offender meets Ohio's sentencing guidelines for a presumption for probation; and
  • The alleged offender has sufficient motivation for treatment or to change.

Not everyone is able to join Ohio's drug court programs. The following factors will disqualify a person from presenting a case to Ohio drug courts:

  • The alleged offender has multiple prior felonies;
  • The alleged offender has prior convictions for drug trafficking;
  • The alleged charges are sexually oriented or violent;
  • The alleged offender has prior convictions for violent crimes; and
  • The alleged offense is gun-related.

Additional Resources

Possession of Controlled Substances Statute § 2925.11 – Ohio's laws and rules lists the different statutes for drug crimes throughout the state. See what Ohio legislation considers to be possession, and how the justice system penalizes those who accused of drug offenses. Here you can the different amounts and their adjoining consequences, and what circumstances will enhance these charges.

Statistics and Facts – The website for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) details the different data and statistics concerning drug sale, manufacturing and possession in the United States. Here you can access national statistics concerning arrests, drug data, and meth lab statistics.

Lawyer for Cocaine Possession in Cincinnati, Ohio

Have you been arrested or accused for cocaine possession in the greater Hamilton County area? Cocaine possession is a serious charge that can ultimately result in a felony. It is important that you act now to defend your current lifestyle. Have some peace of mind, and start your defense with Joslyn Law Firm.

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This article was last updated on August 20, 2018