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Testimonials for Joslyn Law Firm

Justin did an excellent job of representing me in court. The case was ultimately dismissed. He was very knowledgeable and the support staff was very kind and understanding. They did their best to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend them for your needs, as they are very professional and willing to go the extra steps to take care of their clients!
Jeremy Barnes Google review by Jeremy Barnes

Justin McMullen exceeded my expectations after a bad experience I had with a previous lawyer from a different law firm. When I switched over to him he changed my outlook on the whole case and made me feel better about everything. He steps up and works for you. Hes very knowledgeable and cares about his clients, answered basically every question I had. I went from facing jail time to getting a basic probation and I was happy with that outcome because of my personal situation. I will always highly recommend him and his law firm in the future if anyone ever ask for a recommendation. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings and easy to communicate with and get a hold of directly or through his staff.
David Hayslip Google review by David Hayslip

Was the perfect fit for the issues I was going through. I had the pleasure of working with Justin McMullen! A great guy and extraordinary worker at what he does. Was able to really help me at a time that mattered most, and bring positivity to some of the most darkest days! Thank you!!
Adam Estepp Google review by Adam Estepp

Justin McMullen was awsome to work with! He went above and beyond to help with my brother in laws case. I hope we don't need a lawyer again soon but if we do we will be call Mr McMullen
Eric Morley Google review by Eric Morley

Justin McMullen and the team at Joslyn were incredible and I recommend them to everyone! Not only did Justin achieve a result far better than I expected, he did it with compassion and kindness.
Laura Bennett Google review by Laura Bennett

My son got into trouble at college with no prior offenses and Justin McMullen held our hands every step of the way. He explained all possible outcomes and his best advice in what we should pursue. Today my son is cleared and file sealed all to Justins invaluable help.
Lee Ann Lobue Google review by Lee Ann Lobue

Justin McMullen was an outstanding person as well as the best legal defence I feel I could have hired. Stayed on task, was very communitive about everything, did his job very well and relayed everything I needed to know always. Would highly recommend Justin as well as Joslyn Law Firm in general. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. Thank you all so much.
T Google review by T

I am so grateful to Justin McMullen for helping me get through a very difficult time. His professional expertise and knowledge were extremely evident before and during my court case. Justin very clearly and confidently explained possible outcomes and options available to me. He greeted me in a caring compassionate manner. I had no doubt that he had my best interest in mind and that he truly cared about me as a person. Justins obvious extensive experience and expertise, confidence, in-depth easy to understand explanation of my situation, and his warm and reassuring personal style were so welcome and appreciated. By the time I walked into the courtroom, I knew he had my back. The outcome was so much better than I could have imagined. Justin called me after the court case to touch base and make sure I was okay and didnt have any questions. I cannot adequately express my gratitude. Thank you, Justin.
Janor Allen Google review by Janor Allen

Justin McMullen did a fantastic job representing me. He was very patient and explained everything so I was always aware what was going on. The end result was far better than I imagined. I want to thank Justin and the Joslyn Law Firm for a job very well done.
Brian DeYoung Google review by Brian DeYoung

I had Justin McMullen as my attorney for my second OVI case. I always felt like he put 100% into my case no matter what was going on. Hes very communicative and passionate about his work and also just a humble and funny guy. Thank you Justin for the great experience with Joslyn Law Firm! It will be the only law firm I use from here on and highly recommend him and the company to anyone looking for a lawyer that will fight for them!
Dylan O'Brien Google review by Dylan O'Brien

Worked with Justin McMullen, great attorney, great communication. He did all he could to get me the best outcome. I definitely recommend him. He will make you feel that he only have your case. Thanks Justin. Wish you the best.
loay alqarni Google review by loay alqarni

Justin McMullen was my attorney and did a incredible job. He made sure I was fully aware of all the details involved with my case. He also went above and beyond in all aspects. I would 100% recommend his services to anyone in need.
Sam Shapiro Google review by Sam Shapiro

Justin McMullen was just the lawyer I needed for my case. He held my hand along the way and reassured me of options and the light at the end of the tunnel. He won my trust with his warmth approach. At the end due to Justins hard work and strong relationships with local prosecutors, I was offered a good news opportunity that you could only pray for. Thanks Justin.
renika smiley Google review by renika smiley

Justin McMullen was a pleasure to work with. He helped me feel comfortable and confident going into my trial and helped me get my case dropped down to a significantly lower sentence with no jail time. He was professional and treated me like a real person. I would recommend him to anyone.
Kate Russell Google review by Kate Russell

I would like to thank Joslyn Law Firm and Justin McMullen for taking my case I really appreciate it. Justin was always there to answer my questions wherever I needed it and always made feel better about any anxiety I had about court. Having Justin in my corner really made everything go smoother
Alexander Craig Google review by Alexander Craig

I was represented by Justin McMullen and I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. He was very professional and kept me informed about the process so I knew exactly what to expect and he got the job done! Couldn't ask for a better lawyer! Thanks!
Cody H Google review by Cody H

Justin was wonderful. He walked me the process every step of the way. We won the protection order and he was just as happy as I was when he got the news. Highly suggest him!
Stephanie Morgan Google review by Stephanie Morgan

I was in a situation I hope no one ever finds themself in based on a false allegation but, as I found out, it happens. I was assigned to Justin McMullen. I admit I was a little skeptical at first because there didn't seem to be a lot of activity but, I'd never been through the legal process before so I had no clue. Ultimately, Justin proved to be very knowledgeable and skilled at his craft. I hope to never need their services again but if you find yourself in a situation, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to reach out to Joslyn law firm.
Jeff Haines Google review by Jeff Haines

I would like to thank Mark for his professionalism, patience and outstanding work. Mark quickly got to work on my case helping get outstanding results every step of the way. The process is difficult and puts a lot of stress on you and your family. Mark understands that and does not ignore it. Communication was easy he was always a call or text away. Every time we were in court he fought for what I needed and was able to achieve victories even at hearings that seemed meaningless going into them. My experience was great and I recommend the Joslyn law firm to anyone in need of a great defense attorney.
A Google User Google review by A Google User

I would like to thank Mark for his professionalism, patience and outstanding work. Mark quickly got to work on my case helping get outstanding results every step of the way. The process is difficult and puts a lot of stress on you and your family. Mark understands that and does not ignore it. Communication was easy he was always a call or text away. Every time we were in court he fought for what I needed and was able to achieve victories even at hearings that seemed meaningless going into them. My experience was great and I recommend the Joslyn law firm to anyone in need of a great defense attorney.
Daniel Bailey Google review by Daniel Bailey

With the Joslyn Law Firm everything from setup to close of my cases was easy. They made payment a breeze and Justin McMullen was always there when I needed help he is the best! I had an uphill battle facing two charges and he helped to get me best case scenario on both. Justin had great experience, and knowledge and was kind and thorough! I am grateful to have had Justin as my attorney and would recommend him to everyone who needs help! Thank you Joslyn Law Firm!
Conner Nowicki Google review by Conner Nowicki

From start to finish Joslyn Law Firm is by far the best! I was facing a pretty steep charge and due to my previous driving history, it wasnt looking good for me. Justin McMullen was my attorney and his communication, experience, and knowledge was above and beyond! He was able to work my case down to the bare minimum. The judge even said, you can thank your attorney. I am so incredibly grateful to have had Justin assigned to my case! Thank you Joslyn Law Firm!
Amanda Crain Google review by Amanda Crain

The joslyn law firm was very nice to work with. Attorney Justin McMullen was a very informative attorney.
Sean Boling Google review by Sean Boling

Justin was very straight forward and friendly. His communication was great. I will be recommending his services to anyone I can!
Robert Amole Google review by Robert Amole

I experienced top-tier professionalism from Justin McMullen who is my attorney that represented me for case that was DISMISSED TODAY! He is the best!!!! I would recommend him for any case you may need an attorney for. Definitely the GOAT!!!!
Autumn Washington Google review by Autumn Washington

Justin McMullen did a fantastic job representing me and would highly recommend him!
Eric Smith Google review by Eric Smith

Justin McMullen at Joslyn law firm was great. Professional and worked hard to get the best outcome in my case.
Matt Ribarsky Google review by Matt Ribarsky

Justin mcmullen is a good lawer very professional. Thank you alot not only takeing care of my case. Very quickly
Scott Malik Google review by Scott Malik

I dont have a bad criminal history but I definitely have priors in the same thing I was charged with. Mark and Justin were awesome. They always answer you right back keep you informed of whats going on keep your nerves at ease and they do their job. Ive never had any luck with a paid attorney before. These guys are top notch, money well spent. I highly recommend them. Thanks again guys!!!
hancock poolservice Google review by hancock poolservice

Mark Wieczorek is proffesional and a very good lawyer. He listened to my questions and concerns, advised me from an educated perspective, and spoke to me with respect and sincerity. Mark is also straight forward with communication, readily available at most hours of the day (if not 24/7), and impressively proficient in the court room. I highly recommend choosing Mark to represent you in your case.
Zachary White (Z) Google review by Zachary White (Z)

I cant thank Mark enough, I truly felt like he was my biggest advocate. From the beginning, he established trust. Thats not easily said these days. He goes above and beyond, and is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. My gratitude for him is indescribable, thank you so much Mark!
Ma12 Google review by Ma12

Went with Mark Wieczorek at the Joslyn Law Firm of Cincinnati. Had a great experience and outcome. Would highly recommend!
Michelle Lane Google review by Michelle Lane

Mark Wieczorek Is the ultimate professional! He was responsive, respectful and informative from the first phone call. I could not be more thankful for his help.
Frank Lopez Jr Google review by Frank Lopez Jr

Ryan was a great help very honest and in the end my case was dismissed. Excellent Traffic Attorney. I will use him again
Robert Metcalfe Google review by Robert Metcalfe

Joslyn law firm took great care of me and my family. Mark wieczorek came and took care of business. I am so great full for him and his knowledge when it comes to court. Good person to talk to and do business with. I recommend him to anybody. The work speaks for its self. Mark was there and spoke on my behalf thank you so much for a great job!!!!!
Thomas Suttles Google review by Thomas Suttles

I truly can't say enough good things about this firm (ie: Mark Wieczorek). His knowledge and professionalism are second to none! He was instrumental in giving me the greatest chance at the very best results! I would highly recommend Mark and his associates to anyone in need of legal advice or representation!!
Brody James Google review by Brody James

Justin Bagley Is a very professional attorney I I would recommend Him to anybody
Joseph Lepple Google review by Joseph Lepple

These guys are the bomb! They show up and work hard for their clients. I appreciate them and recommend them for anyone that needs help
MommaBoyBeatz Google review by MommaBoyBeatz

I definitely recommend Joslyn Law Firm for anyone in need of a lawyer! Very professional, straightforward, very responsive no matter the time of day, overall Joslyn Law Firm has a really great team. Justin Bagley represented me in my case and I got better results than expected. I am very satisfied 10/10!
Kyaira Miller Google review by Kyaira Miller

I need to give an overwhelming thanks to the entire staff at Joslyn Law, especially Brian Joslyn. From initial contact (which was on the weekend) Brian assured me he would do what it takes to get me the best outcome. He certainly kept his word, getting my case dismissed. The whole office staff was kind and encouraging. I felt nothing but positive support and compassion through my entire case. If needed, I would call this firm first, you will not be dissapointed
cate hawes Google review by cate hawes

(Translated by Google) The best lawyers in Cincinati I recommend to everyone, they give you security and good results, do not hesitate to contact them

Los mejores abogados de Cincinati se los recomiendo a todos te dan seguridad y buenos resultados no duden en contactarlos
Daili Gonzalez Google review by Daili Gonzalez

I have had extremely positive and thorough experiences with both Justin Bagley and Mark Wieczorek in my case involving license suspension and a costly clerical error with the court system involving a bench warrant arrest.

If you need excellent representation and clear and honest answers, I highly recommend either of these two sharp and diligent attorneys!
Catherine Kron Google review by Catherine Kron

I would highly recommend hiring Justin Bagley with the Joslyn Law Firm for any criminal defense needs. He is professional, timely, and responsive. You can tell that he is knowledgeable about the criminal process and is comfortable in the courtroom.
samrheingold Google review by samrheingold

Mark helped me and made the process very easy and went above and beyond to help me with my case. Very friendly, personable and made everything easy and responded fast to my questions and concerns. Very pleased with Mark and the whole law firm.
Robert (Bobby) Kunz Google review by Robert (Bobby) Kunz

Very happy with the service as they assisted my personal situation. Now I am able to move on with my life due to the special care of Jagdeep S. Sangha
Justice mullins Google review by Justice mullins

Had a great experience with this law firm, highly recommend. Mark did a great job and filled me on everything.
Ryan Witt Google review by Ryan Witt

Mark was a blessing today Very professional and efficient. Im extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and I can say if I did not have this firm represent me the outcome wouldve have been much worse but they handled it quick and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much mark!
Dakota Disney Google review by Dakota Disney

Arguably the best attorney in the area. Reasonably priced and Owen Kalis was very professional and committed to getting me the best deal possible.
Alec Hammond Google review by Alec Hammond

Owen was easy to get hold of and very responsive with any questions or concerns I had. He got our case dismissed. Thank you!
Arvinder Sidhu Google review by Arvinder Sidhu

Very good and quick to answer the phone. Help me solve my case with no issues. Owen Kalis is a good lawyer if your looking for one in the firm
Living Like Larry Google review by Living Like Larry

Owen went above and beyond to get all charges handled and lowered/dropped. Even when the judge wasnt on board and still tried to go back on it, Owen managed to still get me the deal originally offered. I highly recommend Joslyn Law firm to anyone in need!
Owen is Very professional and understanding, he goes above and beyond for his clients.Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much again. Hopefully I have no need in the future, but if I do I will be calling Owen!
Collin Adkins Google review by Collin Adkins

Mark is very informative. We really appreciate all the help he has given us
Kenneth Fottenbury Google review by Kenneth Fottenbury

Mr. Joslyn has been the best attorney i have came across. He actually takes his time to look over your case and represents you to his fullest ability. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal guidance and I will personally continue turning to him down the road if need be.
Eckert Outdoors Google review by Eckert Outdoors

Ryan is great. He kept me updated, and resolved the issue satisfactory. Very pro law firm and will use them again if needed.
brad Google review by brad

Mark and the team did a a life saving job for me. Thanks to them, I was able to move forward with my life with the best case scenario for my situation. Without them, I really don't know what I would have done. Very professional, knowledgeable, and hard working. You can't go wrong with these guys!
Ty D Google review by Ty D

Brian is able to move mountains in the most grim of situations. He has a strong connection to the right people in the court system and uses that to his advantage when necessary. He has a meticulous way of assessing your case, strategizing and making sure he receives the best possible outcome for each and every one of his clients. It is obvious that having Brian as counsel for your case is a tremendous asset. He is the best in town and it shows.
Marina Gonzales Google review by Marina Gonzales

Thank you to Joslyn Law Firm for your professionalism and responsiveness. Owen Kalis was very helpful and professional. I'm so happy he was able to answer my questions and always attentive to my concerns.
VB210 Google review by VB210

Mark, has helped me to sleep at night. Im a mother of two young children that had the worst year ever. Never been in trouble with the law and never had to find a lawyer. I stumbled across his name from a friend who mentioned the Joslyn Law Firm on facebook. After calling, and getting a call back so soon, I knew I made a good choice. I could feel it. He was professional, and took the time to go over my case and find the best possible solution that allowed me to continue being with my babies! thank u so much Mark!
Carissa Brock Google review by Carissa Brock

Joslyn Law Firm has been excellent. I worked with Mark Wieczorek in Mayors Court and he did a phenomenal job achieving my desired outcome. Additionally, the firm itself has been very easy to work with. Cannot say enough good things about the firm or the lawyer.
Tony Buechly Google review by Tony Buechly

Look no further for your criminal defense needs. Highly effective and highly skilled defense and will get you what you want in the end. You can tell from the secretaries and paralegal up to the attorneys- this firm knows exactly what their doing ever step of the way. Extremely seamless representation that will confidently navigate your case to victory. I would not hesitate to contact Joslyn Law Firm if you want the best and most specialized attorney for your case.
Raihaan Subhan Google review by Raihaan Subhan

I've had great experiences with Owen Kalis. He's a hard worker and it's apparent through his knowledge of the law. I appreciate his confidence and professionalism. Owen is the kind of guy I enjoy being around and I know I can rely on him in any situation that we're in together. He's a good man and a great addition to the Joslyn Law Firm.
Nick Kloenne Google review by Nick Kloenne

Brian is a great lawyer and is very responsive with his clients! Overall a very professional and hardworking firm.
Nadia Swaney Google review by Nadia Swaney

Look no further for your criminal defense needs. Highly effective and highly skilled defense and will get you what you want in the end. You can tell from the secretaries and paralegal up to the attorneys- this firm knows exactly what their doing ever step of the way. Extremely seamless representation that will confidently navigate your case to victory. I would not hesitate to contact Joslyn Law Firm if you want the best and most specialized attorney for your case.
Emily Vokurka Google review by Emily Vokurka

Mr. Owen Kalis is a tremendous lawyer and has an outstanding level of professionalism. He was extremely hard working and understanding of our case's hardships, which only further exemplified his strong character. I strongly recommend him to anyone needing exceptional representation. Thank you again Owen!
Carlos Suarez Google review by Carlos Suarez

Mark Wieczorek is dexterous. Youre professionalism and your preeminent rapport with clientele as well as the court system is admirable. He knows what he is doing and the court system respects him. If I ever need help again, I will personally message Mark first! Thank you for all that you do! Mark respects the healthcare background, I, myself having a background in healthcare. Many thanks again!
Adriana Jones Google review by Adriana Jones

Mark has a phenomenal reputation in the Cincinnati legal community. His track record both in trial and in negotiations is astounding, he has many years of experience and it shows. He was always available to discuss any questions or concerns throughout the court process. You can tell Mark is devoted to his work and helping good people in bad situations. His staff is on point and extremely efficient and timely.
Natalie Baird Google review by Natalie Baird

Brian is able to move mountains in the most grim of situations. He has a strong connection to the right people in the court system and uses that to his advantage when necessary. He has a meticulous way of assessing your case, strategizing and making sure he receives the best possible outcome for each and every one of his clients. It is obvious that having Brian as counsel for your case is a tremendous asset. He is the best in town and it shows.
Nick Elshae Google review by Nick Elshae

Brian and his staff are first class all the way. You cannot ask for a more tailored criminal defense attorney to fit your needs. These people will jump through hoops to get you what you want and need. I am still amazed with the level of care and concern that they had for my case. True gentleman and advocates, bravo!
Melissa Willoughby Google review by Melissa Willoughby

Mark went above and beyond to handle my case.
If I could give 10 stars for his professionalism and representation I would- highly, highly recommend this firm. They do not disappoint
jasmine smith Google review by jasmine smith

Mark Wieczorek represented me In a protection order in Hamilton country and the order was not issued against me and then followed up abuse case is Warren county with a dismal! Mark would respond very quickly to every text and call. Explained everything that was going to happen very well. He was early to every hearing and set everything up for success.
Ray Claytor Google review by Ray Claytor

Mark helped resolve a legal issue without much effort on our part. He kept us informed throughout the proceedings without us having to reach out to him. We would highly recommend Mark and his firm.
Todd Hicks Google review by Todd Hicks

Joslyn's services connected me with Mark Wieczorek. Words are difficult to find for the level of quality, professionalism and sincere direction provided by Mark. As he navigated me through the court system. His steady professionalism, resolve and knowledge navigated me through the process. With me walking away with my freedom and life intact. As it is difficult to truly express how impressed and thankful I am with Mark. All I can say is Thank you and to anyone needing legal help Mark Wieczorek would be the only counsel I would recommend.
Charles Chapman Google review by Charles Chapman

Theyre legal expertise is unmatched. If youre looking for serious aggressive attorneys then this is the place to go. From the moment you meet with Mark or Brian it is very clear that you are going to be taken care of.
Thank you Joslyn Firm
Chris Willoughby Google review by Chris Willoughby

Owen was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always in constant communication with me. He will fight for you and will not be satisfied until you are. I can't recommend him enough, If you have any problems he is your guy and you will not be disappointed.
Matt McLaughlan Google review by Matt McLaughlan

Bryan Joclyn and his team were amazing. They got the results that i needed. They were easy to work with and extremely friendly.
Ricky Drozd Google review by Ricky Drozd

Working with Bryan Joslyn was the best decision that I could have made! Him and his team are the people that you want!
Michael Bargielski Google review by Michael Bargielski

Very impressed with the Joslyn Law Firm. Knowledgeable attorneys, exceptional results.
Sour Flower Google review by Sour Flower

I chose the Joslyn Law Firm because they made me feel like a very important client and took consideration of my conditions at the time.
Kim Markell Google review by Kim Markell

Brian Joslyn was flawless in handling my case
Jon Kirner Google review by Jon Kirner

My experience with this firm has been amazing. Mark Wieczorek is knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. He keeps in contact, which is extremely important when going through a legal matter. I would highly recommend this firm.
Philip Germani Google review by Philip Germani

These are the guys you want on your team! They were extremely helpful!
Nick Topstreams Google review by Nick Topstreams

I have plenty of good things to say about Mark W and Brian Joslyn. They are top notch attorneys who stick by your side. I know both are very busy attorneys but they will take the time to listen and will make you feel at ease. They dont mess around and they get the results you will want. All I can say is these are the guys you want on your side- dont go anywhere else!
Madelyn Campione Google review by Madelyn Campione

Best possible outcome was achieved because of Mark, case dismissed after 3 court dates, he was always easy to communicate with and knows what he is doing. I was intimidated by Mark at first because he is so aggressive but I think that is what makes him such a great lawyer. Thanks again!
Sam Curriero Google review by Sam Curriero

Authorney Mark is a straight shooter. He will tell you as sees it. He will go that extra mile for his clients to get it done right. I would have been different place if it wasn't because of his dedication and service to the Rule of Law. I would recommend hiring him with heartbeat.
Ziaullah Anwari Google review by Ziaullah Anwari

This form has represented multiple family members in the past and they always get them the best deals. They are honest and results driven, a team that will go to bat for you every time. I will continue to refer to friends and family.
McKenzie Harmon Google review by McKenzie Harmon

I was going through a very difficult time and contacting Mark Wieczorek was a great decision. I recommend Mark to anyone who is experiencing legal difficulties. He is dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. He was able to get my domestic case dismissed and I am very grateful. Now I can reunite with my family and look forward to the future.
Jarrett Sinkfield Google review by Jarrett Sinkfield

I wouldnt know where I would be if it wasnt for this law firm. Every aspect of my case was handled promptly and with great care. Thank you Mark and Brian for everything, it was a pleasure working with both of you.
Adam Pelka Google review by Adam Pelka

Mr. Joslyn thank you again for the amazing results! You and your team are truly dedicated to your work and it pays off!
Michael Mossbarger Google review by Michael Mossbarger

Mr. Joslyn is an amazing lawyer who helped my family out tremendously. He was very proactive in provide feedback and answering questions. He showed his stellar negotiation skills and I couldnt be happier with the outcome.
Chris Johnson Google review by Chris Johnson

Joslyn Law Firm has amazing, dedicated and friendly lawyers and were completely prepared for the case.
Michelle Kincaid Google review by Michelle Kincaid

Very friendly and efficient team and staff. Would definitely call again if I ever needed their help!
Rachael Schultz Google review by Rachael Schultz

I had the pleasure of having Brian represent me for a criminal matter recently. Not only did he make the process seamless, he got the best possible outcome- Dismissal! And immediately filed for expungement to have it cleared off my record.
Justin Johnson Google review by Justin Johnson

Very happy with the service & pricing they provide. Def recommend!
Richard Puthoff Google review by Richard Puthoff

The best lawyers in town! 10/10 recommend
Alexa Rowland Google review by Alexa Rowland

This was the BEST law firm I could have chosen to represent me. I was charged with second offense OVI and I blew a 0.18, which is way over the legal limit. I knew my chances of getting a plea bargain in my favor was small, and I was likely to do jail time, but there was a tremendous amount of effort put into my case and in the end they got it reduced to a reckless operation! I will be forever thankful to this team, dont look any further these guys are IT!
Kristen Shirey Google review by Kristen Shirey

We recently reached out to the Joslyn Law Firm for legal representation for our son, who is in college and got into some trouble. I was nervous and apprehensive about finding the right lawyer to help our family. After the first phone call we felt we were talking to the right people. We first spoke with the owner Brian on the phone, then met with both him and his associate Mark for an office meeting. They were both very direct and gave us a complete overview of what to expect from this process that was new and scary to us. Both Mark and Brian worked on our sons case and were beyond attentive throughout the 3 months that the case lasted. They were successful and were able to get my sons case dismissed- We highly recommend their services.
Brett H. Pojunis Google review by Brett H. Pojunis

I was pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving and charged with an OVI. I was scared to death and didnt know what to do. A family friend referred me to the Joslyn Law Firm and after talking to the owner, Brian Joslyn I decided to hire his firm. His associate Mark Wieczorick handled my case and I couldnt be happier with the results. Mark was very prompt in returning my phone calls and keeping me up to date with my case. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the law. At the end of my case I got no jail time, and the OVI was reduced down to a physical control. Very happy with my representation and will recommend this firm to friends and family!
Marie Graves Google review by Marie Graves

It was a pleasure to work with this team of lawyers. They guided me through the process, always giving me updates on my case. I got the result I was hoping for, charges dismissed!
Adam Jenkins Google review by Adam Jenkins