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Case Results

06/2015 Charge: Use of Weapon while Intoxicated, DV

Army Veteran plead to an attempted Use of a Firearm and received minimum sentence of probation.

05/2015 Charge: F5 Trafficking in Marijuana

Home Health Aide charged with felony trafficking in drugs was able to have Prosecutor agree to ILC, upon successful completion case will be dismissed

05/2015 Charge: OVI, OVI breath test low levels, Marked Lanes

Client with prior OVI record plead guilty to Impaired dismissing breath test and other charges, placed on 1 year probation, 3 day class, minimum fine, mandatory minimum license suspension

05/2015 Charge: DUS, No Ops, Fail to Reinstate, Tag Violation

Painter plead guilty to No Ops, all other charges dismissed, fine and costs only

04/2015 Charge: OVI, Speed

Naval officer plead to Physical Control, fine and court costs, ordered to attend 3-day class, no points on license

04/2015 Charge: DV, Assault

Corporate employee warrant was set aside and all charges dismissed

04/2015 Charge: Ovi, Tail Lights, Blood and Breath Tests

Plead guilty to Impaired, Blood results dismissed, minimum sentence, no jail

04/2015 Charge: Felonious Assault x2, Gun Spec for Brandishing Firearm, Improperly Discharging Firearm into Habitation

Client accused of shooting at a car and striking several houses only plead guilty to F5 Improper Discharge and sentenced to probation

04/2015 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se Low Levels

Client blew .084 breath test, charges reduced to M3 reckless operation of a motor vehicle, fine only

04/2015 Charge: Pandering x20

A school teacher had 19/20 counts of pandering charges dismissed. Served 9 months of a 3 year sentence.

04/2015 Charge: OVI, OVI per se

Plead guilty to Impaired, dismissed per se charge, no jail, no probation

04/2015 Charge: Soliciting

Business Owner and Ex-military charged with soliciting a prositute, case dismissed

04/2015 Charge: Theft

Plead to attempted theft, no jail, no restitution

04/2015 Charge: Felony DV, Obstruction of Justice

Client with multiple prior felony convictions for violence had all charges dismissed

03/2015 Charge: Agg. Menacing

Security worker threatened local police officer was found guilty of menacing and was placed on reporting probation

03/2015 Charge: Physical Control, Refusal, Marked Lanes

Corporate employee charged with 3rd alcohol related offense in 6 years, Refusal and Marked Lanes dismissed, required to attend 3-day class

03/2015 Charge: Probation Violation

Client on probation for Arson was given 134 days in CBCF instead of any prison time

03/2015 Charge: 2 counts F1 Rape, 2 counts GSI

Client was accused of raping his adolescent brother and sister and was facing a potential life imprisonment, sentenced to 9 years

03/2015 Charge: DUS, No Ops., ACDA, Tag Violations

A 13-yr. electrical engineer had all charges dismissed.

03/2015 Charge: DV, Assault

Amended charge to Criminal Mischief, Assault dismissed, sentenced to minimum community control

03/2015 Charge: Obstruction, Possession x2

Plead no contest to possession, dismissed obstruction, fine only

02/2015 Charge: GSI

Defendant with prior criminal record charged with GSI plead to a lesser included charge and was placed on 1 year non-reporting probation

02/2015 Charge: Theft by Deception

Business Owner with extensive crim. history sentenced to minimum punishment of community control

02/2015 Charge: DUS, No Ops., Failure to Control

Dismissed for costs

02/2015 Charge: Public Indecency

OSU student's case dismissed

02/2015 Charge: OVI Impaired, Prior within 20 years, No Ops, Fail to Reinstate, Speed

Defendant with prior DUI was convictef of stipulated 1st offense, all other charges dismissed, placed on PNC, 3-day program

02/2015 Charge: DV, Assault

Client with prior DV convictions had DV and Assault dismissed, plead to Disorderly Conduct, fine only

02/2015 Charge:Failure to Provide Notice of Change of Address

No jail time, probation only

02/2015 Charge: Possession of Drugs

Client had prior record of possession of drugs, plead to amended charge of disorderly conduct, only paid fine

02/2015 Charge: 2nd offense OVI

Bar Manager blew a high test, plead to Stip. 1st offense, placed on probation and ordered to pay fine

02/2015 Charge: Accused of large Cultivation of Marijuana operation

Corporate employee charged with drug-related offenses, all charges dismissed

01/2015 Charge: DV, Assault

DV and Assault charges dismissed, plead to Disorderly Conduct with agreement to have expunged after 1 year

01/2015 Charge: Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular Mansalughter, ACDA, No Seatbelt

Carpenter avoided felony conviction by pleading guilty to negligent vehicular homicide, sentenced to 90 days jail.

01/2015 Charge: OVI, OVI refusal, Fail to Control

Car salesman was in an automobile accident involving another vehicle, fail to control and refusal tests were dismissed, client attended 3-day DIP with no further sanctions

01/2015 Charge: DV, Assault

Case dismissed

01/2015 Charge: Obstruction of Justice, Obstructing Official Business

OSU student had case dismissed

01/2015 Charge: Rape of a Child, Sexual Battery

Client accused of having sex with a minor that was intoxicated and was facing 16 years in prison, sentenced to 4 years with potential for judicial

01/2015 Charge: F4 Possession of Drugs

Plead to lesser offense of F5 and was ordered treatment instead of jail time, fines and court costs

01/2015 Charge: Transport Hazardous Material

Out of state truck driver was pulled over for transporting hazardous materials, plead guity to traffic control device and hazardous material charges were dismissed upon payment of fines

01/2015 Charge: Initial Accusations of Rape of a Child, Sexual Battery, GSI

Buisness Owner eventually plead to a M3 Sexual Imposition and was sentenced to 60 days work release

01/2015 Charge: Probation Violation

Client with extensive prior record had probation violation vacated

12/2014 Charge: Possession of Marijuana

Client avoided conviction

12/2014 Charge: Assault

College student charged with Assault had charges amended to DC, no jail time, no probation

12/2014 Charge: Voyeurism

Client plead to a lesser offense of M3 criminal mischief, placed on probation, avoided a jail sentence

12/2014 Charge: Drug Abuse, Paraphernalia

OSU student was not convicted of the charges.

12/2014 Charge: Rape of a Child, GSI, Child Pornography

Client plead guilty to Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor and was sentenced to 5 years prison out of the 25 years to life imprisonment he faced

12/2014 Charge: Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia

OSU college student has case dismissed

12/2014 Charge: Disorderly Conduct

Medical professional had case dismissed and expunged from record

12/2014 Charge: Dv, Assault

Charges dismissed

12/2014 Charge: Pandering in Minor of Nudity / Child Pornography x10

Plead guilty to 2 counts, dismissed 8 counts and received minimum sentence of community control, 0 days jail

11/2014 Charge: DUS, Speed

Corporate employee had case dismissed

11/2014 Charge: OVI, OVI high breath test, Marked Lanes

Architect was found guilty of OVI impaired, high concentration and marked lanes were dismissed, completed DIP, no jail, minimum fine

11/2014 Charge: Accused of F1 Child Endangerment

Corporate employee accused of intentionally breaking several bones of her infant child, after speaking with investigators, no charges were pursued and client regained custody of her children

11/2014 Charge: DUS

Case dismissed

11/2014 Charge: Felony Drug Possession

Client was able to plead to misdemeanor and charges were ultimately dismissed

11/2014 Charge: Trafficking in Drugs

College student had case dismissed

11/2014 Charge: Theft

Plead to M4 UUP, fine and court costs only

11/2014 Charge: 2 counts felony RSP, 2 counts felony Forgery

Client had extensive criminal history, sentenced to community control, 0 days jail

11/2014 Charge: Civil Protection Order

Airline employee had case dismissed

11/2014 Charge: M3 GSI

Local mechanic charged with GSI plead guilty to M4 DC and was placed on probation, no jail time

11/2014 Charge: Red Light, DUI, Breath Test - High Test (.222)

Client with prior OVI in past 6 years facing 20 days minimum in jail plead guilty to 1st offense OVI, all other charges dismissed, DIP, 1 weekend in jail, min license suspension

10/2014 Charge: F5 Possession, Misdemeanor possession of marijuana and paraphernalia

ILC was filed on felony case, misdemeanor was pled to a disorderly conduct with no license suspension, fine and court costs only

10/2014 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se Low Levels, Marked Lanes

Local doctor convicted of OVI Impaired, breath tests and marked lanes were dismissed, no jail time, minimum penalties imposed

10/2014 Charge: Public Indecency

Client plead no contest and was found guilty and ordered to pay fine, placed on PNC probation

10/2014 Charge: F3 Failure to Comply with an Officer

Plead to lesser degree Failure to Comply, placed on probation with a license suspension and no jail

10/2014 Charge: Misdemeanor possession of marijuana and paraphernalia

Plead to disorderly conduct for drug/alcohol assessment

10/2014 Charge: OVI, No Ops., Headlights

Corporate employee with prior OVI and criminal convictions plead guilty to impaired, dismissed all other charges, DIP, no jail

10/2014 Charge: Improper Handling of Firearm in Motor Vehicle, High Test Driving under Influence

All charges dismissed

10/2014 Charge: OVI, Right of Way when Turning Left

Defendant had prior Ovi convictions plead to stipulated 1st OVI, served 3 weekends in jail and served 9 months driver rights suspension

10/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

Case dismissed

10/2014 Charge: Theft

IT personnel charged with theft of local retailer had charges ulimately dismissed for Diversion, paid costs only

09/2014 Charge: Felony Theft x2

Plead guilty to 1 count Theft, all other charges dismissed, probation only

09/2014 Charge: Speed, Operation with Prohibited Window Tint

Case dismissed

09/2014 Charge: Theft by Deception, Forgery x3

Plead guilty to 1 count felony theft, other charges dismissed, no fines, no costs, non-reporting probation

09/2014 Charge: Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin, Trafficking in Drugs

Teenager had charges ultimately dismissed

09/2014 Charge: OVI, Marked Lanes

After motion to suppress was filed, client plead guilty to M3 reckless operation, marked lanes was dismissed

09/2014 Charge: OVI

Subcontractor with 2 prior OVIs was charged with OVI low test and speed charge, plead guilty to OVI Impaired with test dismissed, paid $375 fine, no probation, no jail time

09/2014 Charge: Dv, Assault

At jury trial, Prosecutor dismissed all charges against client

09/2014 Charge: Prohibition of Alcohol under 21

OSU Engineering student had case dismissed and removed from record

09/2014 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI 2nd offense, Fail to Reinstate, Fail to Yield, Speed

Client plead to stipulated 1st offense OVI, all other charges dismissed, no jail, 3 day program and fine only

09/2014 Charge: Criminal Trespass

Client completed general assessment for dismissal of charges, court costs paid

09/2014 Charge: Drug Abuse, Paraphernalia, No Headlights

Client had prior convictions for drug possession and only plead to MM disorderly conduct and received a fine

09/2014 Charge: CPO

Respodent was served a CPO, dismissed and dropped at the hearing

09/2014 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se High Levels, Fail to Display Lights

Client plead to OVI Impaired, high level test was dismissed as well as failure to display lights, attended 3-day DIP, no jail imposed

09/2014 Charge: Drug Trafficking

Client had extensive criminal history and was placed into drug court for dismissal of case

08/2014 Charge: F4 Trafficking in Drugs

College student with no prior record was able to get into ILC, complete dismissal of charges once ILC is complete

08/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

DV charges dismissed, Assault amended to DC, no jail

08/2014 Charge: OVI, Failure to Control

Local Distribution Center employee with a prior OVI and Urine test plead to 1st offense Impaired with urine test dismissed, 3-day class, fines and costs, no probation

08/2014 Charge: Probation Violation for Aggravated Robbery

Client was facing 11 years of a remaining sentence and was only ordered to serve 372 days

08/2014 Charge: Weapons under Disability, Probation Revocation

Local carpenter plead guilty to WUD, sent to min prison term of 1 year

08/2014 Charge: Hit/Skip, DUS, No Ops.

Client paid a fine for reckless operation, all other charges dismissed

08/2014 Charge: Theft

Prior financial institution employee was charged with theft and plead guilty to Disorderly Conduct, paid fines and court costs only

08/2014 Charge: Felony Drug Possession

Local contractor facing felony drug charges was able to plead to a misd. Drug charge and attend drug court program, charges ultimately dismissed

08/2014 Charge: OVI, Prior Conviction in 20 years, Speed, Marked Lanes

Plead to OVI, dismissed refusal, $300 fine and court costs, min. license suspension, 3-day DIP

07/2014 Charge: Traffic Control Device, Ran Red Light

Case dismissed

07/2014 Charge: Attempted Drug Trafficking, Drug Abuse, Underage Drinking, Stop Sign violation, No seatbelt

College student with criminal history had all charges dismissed, except for an amendment to disorderly conduct, 0 days jail, fine only

07/2014 Charge: OVI, OVI per se low levels, Marked Lanes

College student charged with OVI and OVI per se plead guilty to OVI Impaired, breath test and marked lanes dismissed, paid minimum fine, served minimum license suspension, no jail or probation

07/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

Case dismissed and expunged

07/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

Plead guilty to MM Disorderly Conduct and was sentenced to fine only

06/2014 Charge: Underage Drinking

Client had previous drug convcition record and avoided conviction on charge

06/2014 Charge: OVI, OVI high test per se

Local insurance employee hit a telephone pole and blew .221, plead guilty to impaired OVI and received minimum sentence

06/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

CEO of Financial Firm had case dismissed and removed from record

06/2014 Charge: OMVI, Physical Control while under influence, Following too Close, Driving within Lanes

Client had a prior OVI conviction, client had all charges dismissed except for Impaired charge and did not have to do DIP or 3 days jail

06/2014 Charge: F2 Burglary, F5 Theft

Defendant with lengthy prior criminal history plead guilty to F2 burglary, F5 theft was dismissed, mandatory 2 years prison with 3 years post-release control

06/2014 Charge: OVI, Low breath test, Driving on right side of road, License plate light

Plead to impaired, breath test dismissed, no probation, fine and costs, no jail

06/2014 Charge: RSP, Petty Theft, Falsification, Theft

Client had warrant for his arrest and was on probation when offenses were committed, case resolved with dismissal of all charges and plea to DC with fine only

05/2014 Charge: Drug Abuse

Business owner charged with drug abuse and slow speed had drug charge dismissed and plead to speed, fine and costs

05/2014 Charge: Physical Control, DC

Teacher with prior DUI found guilty of physical control charge, DC dismissed, client completed community service and paid a fine

05/2014 Charge: Violation of Protection Order

Client had previous attorney andafter our representation, received 0 days in jail

05/2014 Charge: OVI, Refusal, No Ops, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana

Student plead to physical control with 0 points on license and disorderly conduct on drug charges, no license suspension, $150 fine, balance dismissed

05/2014 Charge: Driving under OVI Suspension, No Ops.

Case dismissed

05/2014 Charge: F5 Theft

Bank employee charged with F5 theft was able to have charges dismissed with completion of diversion, no fine

05/2014 Charge: Drunk Driving, Drug Paraphernalia

Client had multiple prior offenses, plead to amended reckless operation, 0 days jail

05/2014 Charge: Reckless Speeding, Tag Violation

Juvenile convicted of tag violation, speeding charge dismissed, no suspension placed on license

05/2014 Charge: 2 counts Possession of Drugs

Steel worker charged with multiple counts of drug possession, case dismissed due to insufficient evidence

05/2014 Charge: DV, Menacing, Menacing by Stalking, Telephone Harassment

DV and Menacing and Menacing by Stalking were dismissed, client plead guilty to telephone harassment charge, fine and probation only

05/2014 Charge: Speed

Financial Advisor had case dismissed

04/2014 Charge: Theft

Prior theft offender found guilty of M4 UUP, fines and costs only

04/2014 Charge: Solicitation

Auto technician agreed to diversion class and charges were dismissed

04/2014 Charge: Theft

Dental Assistant completed a theft diversion class, paid restiution and had charges ultimately dismissed

04/2014 Charge: Abduction, DV

Plead guilty to Attempted Aggravated Assault, no jail, no fine, probation

03/2014 Charge: DUS x8, No Ops. x3, Drug Abuse, Dog Confinement, Fail to Reinstate license, Use of Tag on Another Vehicle

Client with extreme and extensive driving history plead to one count of DUS, all other charges dismissed, fine only

03/2014 Charge: Possession, Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana

Case resolved and expunged, expugement was granted

03/2014 Charge: Criminal Trespass

Client plead no contest and was placed on probation

03/2014 Charge: F5 Theft

Plead guilty to theft, placed on probation, paid restiution, no jail time

03/2014 Charge: Operating Vehicle while Physically Incapacitated, Careless Disregard, without Proper Look out, Improper Speed

Plead to MM Operation of Unsafe Vehicle with only fine imposed

03/2014 Charge: OVI, OVI refusal

Carpenter was found guilty of Physical Control, no jail, 3-day DIP, no license suspension

03/2014 Charge: CPO

Case dismissed at trial

03/2014 Charge: Possession, Paraphernalia

Business owner plead guilty to DC as a MM, fine only

03/2014 Charge: Drug Paraphernalia, Unlawful Tags, Possession

Mechanic plead guilty to a Disorderly Conduct, no license suspension was issued, client paid fine only

02/2014 Charge: Drug Paraphernalia, Possession

Charges dismissed

02/2014 Charge: OVI, Low Levels, Speed

Local bar manager was found guilty of Physical Control out of OVI charge, balance dismissed, 0 points, 3 day program, 6 months non-reporting probation, minimum fine

02/2014 Charge: F5 Theft, F4 Tampering Records

Plead to F4 Tampering with dismissal of other charges, placed on probation, served local incareration in order to pay restitution

02/2014 Charge: Arson

Client plead to an amended charge of criminal damaging as a lesser misdemeanor, placed on probation for 2 years, no jail time

02/2014 Charge: DV, Assault

Psychologist had all charges dismissed

01/2014 Charge: Drug Abuse, Speed

College student had drug abuse charge dismissed and plead guilty to speed for fine

01/2014 Charge: Felony Theft

Charges reduced to M1

01/2014 Charge: Forgery, Misuse of Credit Card

Plead guilty to Misuse of Credit Card and was placed on probation, no jail time

01/2014 Charge: Felony Drug Abuse

Client was able to complete drug court program for a dismissal of all charges

01/2014 Charge: DUS

Owner of Construction Co. had multiple previous charges of DUS, case was dismissed

01/2014 Charge: Aggravted Possession of Drugs, Underage Consumption

College student had all charges dismissed

12/2013 Charge: F5 Possession of Drugs

Local welder plead guilty to drug possession, placed on probation, no jail time

12/2013 Charge: Trademark Counterfeiting

Texas business owner got fine only and received some of his items back

12/2013 Charge: OVI, Marked Lanes, Open Container

Corporate professional had charges reduced to physical control, 0 days jail

12/2013 Charge: High Test OVI

Plead guilty to Impaired charge, 0 days jail, dismissed remaining charges

12/2013 Charge: Non-Support of Dependants

Plumber was able to keep his job and set up payment plan, as well as avoid any jail time

12/2013 Charge: Speed in a School Zone over 20 MPH

Client plead to a 0 point speed violation, fine and court costs only

11/2013 Charge: Probation Vioalation for B&E, Safe Cracking

Served 90 days local time, probation terminated early

11/2013 Charge: Accused of Sexual Explotation and Child Pornography

After negotiations with detectives, no charges were pursued

11/2013 Charge: Aggravated Menacing, Unlawful Restraint, DV, Criminal Trespass

Construction worker had all charges dismissed

11/2013 Charge: OVI, Prior with Refusal, DUS, No Ops., Tags Violation, Driving within Lanes

Restaurant employee with prior OVI conviction plead guilty to Refusal, dismissing all other charges, fine and jail sentence

11/2013 Charge: Possession of Marijuana

High school student had case dismissed

11/2013 Charge: Prohibition of Alcohol u/ 21, Obstruction, Open Container, Drug Abuse, Drug Possession

Ohio State Mech. Engineering grad plead guilty to underage drinking, had all other charges dismissed and record expunged. Only paid fine.

11/2013 Charge: OVI, Left of Center

Client had prior OVI conviction and was found guilty of Physical Control, left of center was dismissed, client attended DIP, fine only

11/2013 Charge: Assault

Local business owner plead guilty to disorderly conduct was placed on 6 months probation and given a $100 fine

11/2013 Charge: OVI, Drug Abuse

College student charged with 2nd DUI in 6 years plead to Stip. 1st and Drug charges were dismissed.

10/2013 Charge: Child Endangering

Client plead guilty to amended charge of DC, sentenced to fine and court costs only, no jail

10/2013 Charge: Accused of Phycially Abusing Children

School teacher negiotiated with children services and detectives, and avoided beung charged with felony child abuse

10/2013 Charge: DUS, Driving within Lanes

Client plead guilty to amended charge of No Ops., other charges dismissed, fine only

10/2013 Charge: DUS, No Ops, ACDA

Plead guilty to No Ops, ordered to pay restitution, no probation, no jail

10/2013 Charge: Felony DV, Aggravated Burglary, VPO, Probation Violation

Plead to F4 Burglary, F5 DV and served 60 days local time when client was facing 16 years in prison

10/2013 Charge: Physical Control

Client had prior OVI record and received 0 days in jail

10/2013 Charge: No Ops., Speed

Plead guilty to speeding violation, balance dismissed, fine only

10/2013 Charge: Theft

Client with prior record had charged reduced to Unauthorized Use of Property, 0 days jail

10/2013 Charge: Assault, DV, Aggravated Menacing

Dismissed at jury trial

10/2013 Charge: Discharge of Weapon

Plead to Disorderly Conduct, fine only

10/2013 Charge: Theft

Client plead guilty to amended charge to UUP, no jail or probation, fine only, charges expunged off record

10/2013 Charge: Felony Theft

Corporate employee had case dismissed

10/2013 Charge: GSI x3

Client plead guilty to 1 count, other 2 charges were dismissed, sentenced to joint rec of 3 years

10/2013 Charge: OVI, Fail to Comply with Police

3rd offense OVI defendant plead guilty to Stip. 1st offense, probation, fine

10/2013 Charge: OVI, OVI high test, Marked Lanes

Plead guilty to DUI Impaired, high breath test and marked lanes were dismissed, fines and court costs, mandatory minimum jail sentence

09/2013 Charge: OVI, OVI Refusal, Marked Lanes

Client charged with 3rd DUI was facing 60 days incarceration, plead guilty to Stip. 1st and only had to attend 2 weekends

09/2013 Charge: DV x2, Assault x2

At jury trial, all charges were dismissed

09/2013 Charge: Drunk Driving

OSU student had charged reduced to Physical Control, 0 days jail

09/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, Breath Test high, Marked Lanes

Client with prior OVI conviction was charged with high concentration of alcohol plead to stip. 1st offense, dismissed high level, minimum license suspension

09/2013 Charge: Hit/Skip

Local college student charged with Hit/Skip plead guilty to an equipment violation, fine only, no license suspension

09/2013 Charge: OVI, OVI per se, Reckless Operation

Client who provided breath sample plead guilty to OVI Impaired, breath test dismissed, no jail time, 3-day program, fine and costs, non-reporting probation

09/2013 Charge: Open Container, OVI

Client was on probation for prior OVI conviction and was only ordered to pay a fine and continue probation without serving any jail time

09/2013 Charge: Aggravated Menacing

Charged with Agg. Menacing for possessing a firearm and threatening another person, plead guilty to lesser offense, ordered to stay away from victim

09/2013 Charge: DUI

Bartender had all charges dismissed

09/2013 Charge: Drug Possession

Not convicted of drug charges and did not receive driver's rights suspension

09/2013 Charge: F1 Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, F2 Vehicular Homicide, OVI, DUS

Painter had a 3-day jury trial and after only 45 min. of deliberation, Painter was found not guilty of all charges

09/2013 Charge: Forgery/Uttering, Medicaid Fraud x2, Theft by Deception x5

Plead guilty to Theft by Deception amended to a misdemeanor charge, placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution, all other charges dismissed

09/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se High Test, DUS x 2, Fail to Reinstate License x 2, No Ops., Hit & Skip, Fail to Control, Open ntainer

Client with 2 prior OVI convictions was involved in an accident and submitted to a breath test and blew a .22, Client was only found guilty of OVI Impaired charge, all other charges dismissed, Client received 30 days work release

09/2013 Charge: Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana

College student had both charges dismissed and plead to disorderly conduct, fine only

08/2013 Charge: OVI, OvI low levels, Reckless Operation

Defendant wrecked his car and was found guilty of OVI Impaired, Breath test and Reckless charges were dismissed, 3-day class, no jail, agreed to pay restitution

08/2013 Charge: OVI, OVI low level breath test, Fail to Display headlights, Seatbelt

Client was sentenced to OVI, OVI per se breath test and all other charges were dismissed, client did 3-day DIP and was not placed on probation, no additional jail

08/2013 Charge: Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance

Case dismissed

08/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se High Concentration, Fail to Control

Client found guilty of OVI after being involved in a car accident, all other charges dismissed, minimum penalties

08/2013 Charge: Theft

Case dismissed

08/2013 Charge: Theft

Case dismissed

08/2013 Charge: Felony Trafficking in Drugs

Case dismissed

08/2013 Charge: Aggravated Menacing, DV

DV and Agg. Menacing dismissed, client plead to Disordely Conduct and paid fine only

08/2013 Charge: Trafficking in Marijuana

Client plead guilty and placed on probation, no jail time

08/2013 Charge: Aggravated Burglary

Client facing 3-11 years in prison went to trial and found not guilty on all counts

08/2013 Charge: Speed

Charges dismissed

07/2013 Charge: Felony CCW, Felony Improper Handling of a Firearm

Corporate employee plead to amended of misdemeanor improper handling, 0 days jail

07/2013 Charge: Illegal Possession of a Firearm in a Liquor Permit Premises

Client was charged with having a firearm in a local bar and plead guilty to a lesser offense of attempt and was placed on probation

07/2013 Charge: DUI/OVI, Hit & Skip, ACDA

Client with multiple prior OVI convictions plead guilty to Stp. 1st OVI with other charges dismissed, sentenced to DIP

07/2013 Charge: Theft

Plead guilty to theft, ordered to pay $150 fine, non-reporting probation

07/2013 Charge:ACDA

Case dismissed

07/2013 Charge: Discharging Weapons

Client discharged weapon in city limits plead to DC after obtaining CCW permit

07/2013 Charge: OVI, High levels, Tag violations, Headlight out, Speed, Seatbelt

Engineering student plead guilty to Impaired, high level charge and all other charges dismissed, minimum fine and court costs, 3-day program, non-reporting probation

07/2013 Charge: Unsafe Lane Change

Case dismissed

07/2013 Charge: Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia

College student had all charges dismissed

07/2013 Charge: M1 Theft

Client completed diversion for complete dismissal of charges

07/2013 Charge: Operating Vehicle while Impaired

Client had his charge amended to Physical Control, 0 days jail

07/2013 Charge: OVI, Hit/Skip, OVI per se

Contractor with prior convictions for OVI only plead to physical control, DIP and fines

07/2013 Charge: DUI/OVI, DUS

Client plead guilty to DUS, no jail time

07/2013 Charge: Drug Abuse, Drug Paraphernalia

College student charged with two drug offenses paid $200 bond forfeiture, no license suspension, no drug conviction on record

06/2013 Charge: Drug Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Speed

Convicted of speed, drug charges dismissed

06/2013 Charge: DV, Assault

DV charges were dismissed, Assault was amended to Criminal Mischief, client placed on non-reporting probation

06/2013 Charge: DUI

Client previolsuly charged with multiple OVIs plead to Reckless Operation, 0 days jail

06/2013 Charge: F4 Theft

Plead to Theft, placed on 3 years basic supervision probation, ordered to pay restitution

06/2013 Charge: OVI, DUS, Fail to Signal, OVI per se low levels, Marked Lanes

Client plead guilty to Physical Control, OVI per se was dismissed, minimum sentence

06/2013 Charge: OVI, Low Test

Local Bank employee charged with OVI plead guilty to impaired, breath test dismissed, 3-day DIP, placed on non-reporting probation for 2 years, ordered to pay fine and costs

06/2013 Charge: Theft

Charges dismissed

06/2013 Charge: 3rd offense OVI

Client had multiple previous OVI convictions, only served 20 days in jail with work release

06/2013 Charge: Assault

Client found guilty of DC, placed on non-reporting probation and paid a fine

06/2013 Charge: Felony Theft

Client was able to enter into the diversion program and charges were ultimately dismissed

06/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, Turning at Intersections, Muffler, OVI Marijuana Metabolite

Marijuana Met. Charge was dismissed, Plead to impaired, no jail time, 3-day DIP, min 6 mo driver's license suspension

05/2013 Charge: Theft from a Local Store

Client was offered diversion and the case was dismissed

05/2013 Charge: CPO

Respondant was facing CPO, after negotiations a voluntary dismissal was negotiated

05/2013 Charge: False Information to Officer, Prohibition of Alcohol under 21

College student had all charges dismissed and removed from record

05/2013 Charge: Littering M3

Plead to a lesser included offense of attempted, court costs only, no probation

05/2013 Charge: DUI/OVI

All charges dismissed

05/2013 Charge: Failure to Stop at Accident

Case referred by local Prosecutor, Plead guilty to reckless driving, no license suspension issued, 0 days jail

05/2013 Charge: OVI, Marked Lanes, Speed

Teacher plead guilty to Physical Control, fine and DIP only

05/2013 Charge: Theft

Corporate professional's case dismissed

04/2013 Charge: Expungement for Theft

Expungement granted

04/2013 Charge: Operating Vehicle while Impaired, Drug Paraphernalia, Criminal Trespass, Illegal Possession of Marijuana

Plead guilty to Impaired and all other charges were dismissed

04/2013 Charge: OVI

College student had charges reduced to reckless operation, 0 days jail

04/2013 Charge: DUI, Prior Conviction, Refusal, Marked Lanes

Plead guilty to stip. 1st offense and was placed on probation and did a 3-day alcohol class and had minimum license suspension

04/2013 Charge: Felony Cultivation of Marijuana

Plead guilty to illegal cultivation of marijuana, minimum prison time required was imposed

04/2013 Charge: DV x2 , Assualt x2

Client with multiple Assault and DV charges had all charges dismissed

04/2013 Charge: Hit/Skip, DUS, ACDA

Client's hit/skip charge was reduced to reckless operation of a vehicle, no license suspension, fine only

04/2013 Charge: Driving under Influence, High test

Client had case amended to a physical control, 0 days in jail

04/2013 Charge: Speed

Charges reduced to 0 point speed violation for fines and costs

04/2013 Charge: Theft

Local nurse charged with M1 Theft had charges dismissed

04/2013 Charge: 2 counts Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Illegal Conveyance into Detention Facility

Client received minimum sentence required and limited driving privileges were obtained

04/2013 Charge: OVI, OVI Refusal, OVI 2nd offense

Plead to Impaired, dimissed 2nd offense refusal, client had 6 month license suspension, was placed on probation, paid fine

03/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se high, Speed

Client facing minimum 6 days in jail, plead guilty to the Impaired, dismissed the balance, client served no jail and attended 3-day alcohol class

03/2013 Charge: Marijuana Possession

Client offered bond forfeiture, no conviction on record

03/2013 Charge: Weapons under Disability

Client with extensive crim. history received lowest punishment of community control

03/2013 Charge: Probation Violation

Probation continued and client given no additional penalties

03/2013 Charge: Improper Right turn

At court trial, charges were dismissed, no fine or costs

03/2013 Charge: Aggravated Menacing, Telecommunications Harassment

Plead guilty to Menacing, Harassment charges dismissed

03/2013 Charge: DV, Assault

College student had case dismissed

03/2013 Charge: Drug Abuse

College senior had case dismissed and removed from record

03/2013 Charge: DUS, Tag Violation, Improper Right Turn

Case dismissed

03/2013 Charge: F2 Trafficking Cocaine

Plead to F3 possession charge, prosecution agreed and recommended community control, client ultimately placed on probation

03/2013 Charge: Underage Drinking

Juvenile, after some community service, had case dismissed

03/2013 Charge: Aggravated Robbery, Tampering with Evidence, Robbery

Plead to Robbery, given credit for time served in jail, placed on 5 years probation, ordered to drug treatment program

02/2013 Charge: Under investigation for RSP

After speaking with detective no criminal charges were filed

02/2013 Charge: Theft (multiple counts)

Daycare Professional accused in a string of thefts only plead guilty to UUP with a fine

02/2013 Charge: Falsification x2

Hired by client to have removed from record, request granted

02/2013 Charge: DUS

Case dismissed

02/2013 Charge: F2 Burglary

Client with extensive criminal history plead to Burglary, sentenced to 4 years ODRC

02/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired

Client had prior convition and charged with 2nd Driving Under Influence, plead to Imapired, balance dismissed, received minimum penalties

02/2013 Charge: OVI Impaired, Speed

Plead guilty to lesser charge of physical control, 0 points on license, error declared on ALS, received minimum penalties

02/2013 Charge: Driving under FRA Suspension, DUS, 2 Lights Required, Drug Paraphernalia

Client plead guilty to DUS, all other charges were dismissed, 0 days jail

01/2013 Charge: 2nd offense OVI

Medical professional plead to reduced charge of reckless operation, 0 days jail

01/2013 Charge: Drunk Driving

Client blew very high test and was only ordered to 3-day DIP

01/2013 Charge: Paraphernalia, Drug Possession

Plead to amended charge of DC, other drug charge dismissed, no license suspension, fine and costs only

01/2013 Charge: Hit/Skip x2, Fail to Control x2

Client was in multiple accidents over a short period of time in a rental plead guilty to one county hit/skip, all other charges dismissed, restitution fine and minimum license suspension imposed, no jail

01/2013 Charge: Theft x2, Identity Fraud x2, Misuse Credit Card, Forgery, RSP x3

Plead guilty to F4 identity fraud, all other charges dismissed, placed on community control for 3 years

12/2012 Charge: Drug Abuse

College student charged with Drug Offense had case dismissed at court trial, no penalties

12/2012 Charge: Possession of Marijuana, Lane violation, Fail to Reinstate license, OVI

OVI and Possession were dismissed, plead guilty to lane violation and MM disorderly conduct, 0 days jail

12/2012 Charge: Drug Abuse, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

College student plead to lesser charge of disorderly conduct, avoiding any drug convictions on his record, fine only, no license suspension

11/2012 Charge: DV, Assault

Charges reduced to attempted criminal mischief, 0 days jail, 0 fine

11/2012 Charge: Failure to Obey Police Officer, Obstruction of Official Business, Disturbing Peace

College student had fail to obey and obstruction dismissed, plead to peace disturbance for fine only

11/2012 Charge: F4 Trafficking

Plead guilty to F5, probation

11/2012 Charge: OVI, Felony Theft, DUS, Physical Control, Paraphernalia

All charges dismissed

10/2012 Charge: F3 Counterfeit x2

Client plead guilty to 1 count, dismissing other charge, placed on probation, no jail

09/2012 Charge: OMVI

College student had charge reduced to MM Reckless Operation, 0 days jail, fine only

09/2012 Charge: Theft

Dismissed for completion of Diversion

09/2012 Charge: DV

Juvenile had case dismissed

09/2012 Charge: OVI Impaired, Speed, High breath levels

Found guilty of Impaired, high level test was dismissed, fines and costs imposed, min license suspension

08/2012 Charge: Expungement of Possession of Drugs

Juvenile case sealed

08/2012 Charge: VPO, Aggravated Menacing, DV

Local union pipe fitter was found guilty of M4 Menacing as a reduced charge, DV and VPO were dismissed, 1 year non-reporting probation

08/2012 Charge: OVI, OVI breath test low, Signal lights, Seatbelt

Plead guilty to Impaired, balance dismissed, client completed 3 day DIP, paid minimum fine and court costs, 1 year PNC

08/2012 Charge: Possession of Marijuana

Found guilty of amended charge of DC, no license suspension issued, court fine only

08/2012 Charge: Child Endangerment, Probation Violation, Assault

Client plead to attempted child endangerment with no jail, fine only

08/2012 Charge: CCW, Tampering with Evidence, F2 felonious assault, F2 Robbery

Plead to CCW, tampering with evidence dismissed, plead to robbery, 4 years prison

08/2012 Charge: Possession, Paraphernalia, Drug Abuse

Client had prior record of paraphernalia and drug possesion charges, charges reduced to DC, fine only

07/2012 Charge: Criminal Damaging

Plead to DC for payment of restitution, fine and costs only

07/2012 Charge: OVI, OVI proir conviction, No Ops., Marked Lanes, Speed

Client plead guilty to OVI, the proir conviction and all other charges were dismissed, 3 day DIP

06/2012 Charge: Assault, DV

At jury trial, Prosecutor dismissed charges agains Defendant, subsequently all charges were expunged off his record

06/2012 Charge: Aggravated Burglary, Felony Theft, Engaging in a Pattern of Corupt Activity, Tampering w/ Evidence

Buisness Owner was facing 30+ years in prison, had all charges dismissed except for amended plea to a Theft and served 0 days in jail

06/2012 Charge: OVI, Seatbelt, Speed

Plead guilty to amended charge of physical control, charges dismissed, 3 day program, no fine court costs only

06/2012 Charge: DUS

Case dismissed

06/2012 Charge: OVI, Hit/Skip

Plead guilty to Imapired, Hit/Skip was dismissed, completed DIP, 1 year non-reporting probation, no jail time

06/2012 Charge: M1 Physical Control

Plead to physical control, no license suspension, no points on license

05/2012 Charge: DV, Assault, Disorderly Conduct

At jury trial, Prosecutor dismissed all charges against client due to insufficient evidence

05/2012 Charge: M4 Drug Paraphernalia, Drug Abuse, No Ops

Plead guilty to No Ops and both drug charges were dismissed, no jail, no license suspension

05/2012 Charge: Weapons under Disability

Defendant had prior felony record plead guilty to WUD and was placed on probation and had to serve 30 days local incarceration, no prison time

05/2012 Charge: OVI Impaired, OVI per se low levels

Military Mechanic charged with DUI had charges reduced to Physical Control, license was not suspended, paid fine and court costs, placed on non-reporting probation for 1 year

05/2012 Charge: DV, Assault

Dv charges were dismissed, plead to 1 count of Assault and was placed on probation, no jail

05/2012 Charge: DC, Assault

Plead guilty to DC, Assault was dismissed, fine and court costs only

05/2012 Charge: OVI

Client had multiple OVI convictions, plead guilty to stip.1st Impaired and served DIP and fine only

05/2012 Charge: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana, Speed

Corporate employee had drug charges dismissed, plead to speed for fine

04/2012 Charge: No Ops, Improper Lanes, License Forefiture Suspension

Plead guilty to unclassified misdemeanor, no points, $50 and costs

03/2012 Charge: Conveying Drugs into Prison

Client with extensive crim. history placed into drug court to have charges dismissed

03/2012 Charge: Possession, Paraphernalia

Case dismissed

03/2012 Charge: OVI, Speed

Plead guilty to Reckless Operation

03/2012 Charge: MM Drug Abuse with Traffic offense

Plead guilty to minor traffic offense, drug charge dismissed, no license suspension

03/2012 Charge: Drug Paraphernalia

Client was a student and had his case reduced to a MM DC, fine only

03/2012 Charge: Failure to Appear, Driving under OVI Suspension

Veterinary Professional had failure to appear dismissed and $150 fine for No Ops.

03/2012 Charge: 2nd offense OVI

Plead to Stip. 1st offense, 0 days jail

03/2012 Charge:Dog Registration violation

Client worked with Humane Society, and all charges were dismissed

03/2012 Charge: OVI, OVI prior within 6 years

Trucker plead guilty to impaired OVI as Stip. 1st, dismissing prior charge, placed on probation

03/2012 Charge: DV, Assault

Case dismissed

03/2012 Charge: OVI

Client was offered MM reckless operation, refused, went to trial and was found not guilty

02/2012 Charge: Unruly Child

Juvenile charged with Unruly Child had case dismissed after completing diversion

01/2012 Charge: OVI, High Test

Client had multiple prior OVI and criminal convictions and plead guilty to only the Impaired charge, fine and DIP imposed only

12/2011 Charge: OVI, OVI Refusal, Marked Lanes

Driving at high rate of speed pulled over for OVI, refused breath test, refusal charge dismissed, 1 year mandatory license suspension was limited to 6 months

09/2011 Charge: DUI, Low level breath test

Plead guity to reckless driving, breath test charges were dismissed, 3-day alcohol class, no jail