Office Manager - Joslyn Law Firm

Angie Joslyn is the quintessential go-to person regarding every aspect of the firm’s daily operations. She graduated with a Business Administration and Management Degree at San Diego State University. In 2011, she commenced working with her husband, Brian Joslyn, closely collaborating with him to establish a thriving Columbus, Ohio Criminal Defense Law practice.

Angie and Brian Joslyn’s time-honored heart connection began in high school and informed their future teamwork as life and business partners. Aside from her responsibilities as Operations and Account Manager, she serves as a client liaison, ensuring the proper fit between prospective clients and attorneys. In forging and facilitating these relationships, she is ever mindful of clients’ needs, fears, doubts, and expectations.

Having been exposed to the legal industry (and criminal law, in particular), she offers existing and potential clients an in-depth overview of the firm’s legal services, while emphasizing the perils of undertaking their criminal defense independently.

A confidante to virtually everyone who walks through the door or calls for legal advice, Angie provides emotional and psychological support to all who seek legal defense counsel. She is fully committed to just practices on behalf of those who have or might face the criminal justice system and carefully listens to their stories. Most significantly, she sees through to the hearts of the individuals subjected to often unfair allegations. She understands the essence of considering the totality of every client’s circumstances, not merely focusing on the specific accusations or charges at hand. In so doing, she embodies the credo that there are heartbeats behind the statistics.

In tandem with her work at the firm, Angie’s proudest and most cherished achievements are her role as Brian’s life partner and as a mother to their daughter Maryjane.


  • Bachelor in Business Administration and Management – San Diego State University