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Attorneys for Forgery Crimes in Cincinnati, OH

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm represent clients charged with a variety of theft and fraud charges under Chapter 2913 including forgery. The crime of forgery in Ohio is set out in Ohio's R.C. Section 2913.31(A).

If you were arrested for forgery or the surrounding areas of Hamilton County, Ohio, then contact the attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm. Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you fight your charges. Let us put our experience to work for you. Call (513) 399-6289 today for a free consultation.

Elements of Forgery in Ohio

The elements of forgery in Ohio are set out in Ohio's R.C. Section 2913.31(A). The elements of the offense are as follows:

  1. The defendant acted with purpose to defraud;
  2. Knowing that he or she was facilitating a fraud; and
  3. The defendant either:
  • forged the writing of another person without the other person's authority;
  • forged the writing so that it purported or appeared to be genuine when it was actually spurious or false;
  • forged the writing so that it purported or appeared to be the act of another person who did not authorize that act;
  • forged the writing so that it purported or appeared to have been executed at a time or a place or with terms different from what was in fact the case; or
  • forged the writing so that it purported or appeared to be a copy of an original when no such original existed.

Alternatively, forgery can charged with the following elements are alleged:

  1. Defendant uttered or possessed with the purpose to utter; and
  2. A writing which he or she knew was forged.

The jury instructions for forgery under R.C. 2913.31(A) are set out in CR 513.31(A) for offenses committed on and after July 1, 1996.

Definitions under Ohio's Forgery Statute

Under Ohio's forgery statute the term “defraud” means to knowingly obtain, by deception, some benefit for oneself or another or to knowingly cause, by deception, some detriment to another. Under Ohio's R.C. 2913.01(B), the definition of the noun “fraud” is identical to that of the verb “defraud.”

The term “facilitating” is defined to mean helping, promoting, assisting or aiding.

The term “forge” is defined as fabricating or creating, in whole or in part and by any means, any spurious or false writing, or to make, execute, alter, complete, reproduce, or otherwise purport or claim to authenticate any writing, when the writing in fact is not authenticated by that conduct.

The term “execute” means to sign a document while the term "utter” means to issue, publish, transfer, use, put or send into circulation, deliver, or display.

Finding a Cincinnati Attorney for Forgery in Ohio

If you were charged with forgery under 2913.31(A) in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas in Hamilton County, Ohio, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Joslyn Law Firm.

We are experienced in representing clients on a wide variety of white collar and financial crimes including insurance fraud, securing writings by deception, tampering with records, falsification, misuse of credit card, passing bad checks, identity theft or fraud and unauthorized use of property. Call (513) 399-6289 today for your free consultation.

This article was last updated on Monday, November 23, 2015.