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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Ohio residents are legally allowed to conceal firearms if they have the appropriate license. Any person who wants to conceal carry a weapon (CCW) must adhere to Ohio’s firearm regulations. A licensed concealed carry user has to fulfill certain requirements when carrying their weapon and encountering law enforcement.

A concealed carry violation can result in misdemeanor charges. Misdemeanor convictions can end with high fines and possible jail time.

Any person, who has been charged with a violation of Ohio’s firearm and concealed carry laws, should seek an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Cincinnati Attorney for CCW Violations in Ohio

In Ohio, you have the right to carry a concealed weapon if you are properly licensed. Although, there are certain measures you must take and laws to adhere to. If a person does not comply with law enforcement, inform police that they are carrying, or adhere to other regulations, they can lose their license and face misdemeanor charges.

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm are firm believers that every person deserves a fair trial. We want to advocate for you and help you formulate a sturdy defense. Joslyn Law Firm has a passion for criminal defense. Our attorneys will aggressively fight for your CCW rights in the courtroom. We have been admitted into several reputable law associations such as the National Association of Criminal Justice (NACDL), and the American Association of Justice.

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm accept clients who are accused of violating Ohio’s firearm laws throughout the greater Hamilton County area and nearby communities including Batavia, Georgetown, Cincinnati, Blue Ash, Harrison, and Fairfield.

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Overview for CCW Laws in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Qualifications for Concealed Carry Licenses

Citizens in Ohio have the choice to pursue a concealed carry license for self-protection. CCW licenses are for the holder’s safety, but laws and regulations are in place to preserve the protection of the general public. If a person wants to obtain a concealed carry license they must fulfill the following qualifications:

  • Be fingerprinted
  • Resident of Ohio for 45 days;
  • 21 Years of age or older;
  • Certification of competency to handle a firearm;
  • Complete application with the Concealed Carry Permit Office;
  • A color photography that was taken within the last 30 days;
  • Resident of the county issuing the license for 30 days.

Alongside this, no person can conceal carry or conceal ready at hand, any of the following:

  • A dangerous ordnance;
  • A deadly weapon other than a handgun; and
  • A handgun other than dangerous ordnance.

Concealed Carry Laws in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio has established several laws to regulate concealed carry users for the safety of law enforcement and the general public. When a person obtains a CCW license, he or she is also signing up to follow any adjoining concealed carry laws. Anyone who violates these regulations may face legal consequences.

A licensed CCW holder must do the following when stopped by law enforcement for any reason:

  • Keep their hands in plain sight at any time if approached by a law enforcement officer
  • Do not attempt to remove the concealed handgun from its location
  • If requested to, hold the concealed handgun during the entire stop
  • Comply with any sort of lawful order from law enforcement
  • Inform law enforcement they are licensed in concealed carry and are currently carrying a concealed weapon

Ohio Penalties for Violating Concealed Carry Laws

Normally, a violation of a concealed carry law will result in a first degree misdemeanor. The penalty for a first degree misdemeanor is a fine up to $1,000, and even possible jail time. Repeat offenders, those carrying loaded firearms, or those who carry a dangerous ordnance could face a possible felony up to the fourth degree. A person who is convicted of a fourth degree felony may face up to 18 months in prison.

If the alleged offender is carrying and does not have the concealed handgun license on their person, they will also be charged. The penalty for being unable to produce a CCW license when asked is a minor misdemeanor if both of the following factors apply:

  • They were in a location where they are authorized to carry a concealed weapon at the time of arrest; and
  • They produce a concealed handgun license within 10 days and the license was valid at the time of the stop.

However, a person is considered guilty of a misdemeanor and fined five hundred dollars if the following apply:

  • The person was in place where they are authorized to carry a concealed weapon at the time of arrest; and
  • The person had a concealed carry license and the license expired two years before the arrest;
  • The person presents a concealed carry license within 45 days after the arrest, and waive the right to a speedy trial.

When it comes to law enforcement stops, certain CCW laws apply. A person who is carrying a concealed firearm must notify the officer. If not, then he or she may face a misdemeanor in the first degree. First degree misdemeanors can result in up to 180 days in jail.

Alongside this, a CCW holder must keep their weapon in plain sight throughout the duration of the police stop. Any violation of this will result in a first degree misdemeanor. Additionally, a person will be charged with a first degree misdemeanor if he or she does not comply with law enforcement.

Repeat CCW violations will enhance the penalties. If a person has multiple CCW convictions already, his or her penalty will be a fifth degree felony. Lastly, if a person attempts to remove their concealed weapon during a stop, they will be automatically charged with a felony in the fifth degree.

Additional Resources

Concealed Carry Laws § 2923.12 – Visit the official website for Ohio’s laws and legislation. View the statutory language surrounding concealed carry laws in Ohio. See the different Ohio CCW disqualifiers, the penalties surrounding Ohio’s concealed carry laws, and how to comply with law enforcement.

Concealed Carry Permit – Visit the Franklin County Sheriff’s website and read more on how to obtain a concealed carry permit. See different concealed carry license in Ohio, the hours for concealed carry permits office, schedule an appointment online, and see the requirements on how to apply for a CCW license in Ohio.

Ohio Laws Allow License Peopled to Carry Concealed Firearms in Bars – Visit the website for the Ohio Bar Association. Read an article regarding Senate Bill 17, which allows Ohio residents the ability to carry concealed firearms into business establishments, such as restaurants and bars.

Lawyer for Concealed Carry Violations in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating CCW laws, it is time to act now. The penalties for breaching concealed carry regulations can be overwhelming. It is highly recommended that you seek legal representation to protect your right to bear arms today.

Our attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm are experienced and qualified in criminal defense in Ohio’s legal courts. We want to support your American right to carry if you choose to. Joslyn Law Firm is effective and efficient at interpreting CCW laws, and have handled numerous concealed carry cases in the past. Find an attorney who cares about you and puts you first. Find that representation today with Joslyn Law Firm.

Joslyn Law Firm accepts clients throughout the Southern District of Ohio and nearby counties including Circleville in Pickaway County, Washington Court House in Fayette County, Newark in Licking County, Lancaster in Fairfield County, London in Madison County, and Columbus in Franklin County.

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