5 Things to Do Once You’re Arrested in Cincinnati

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The prospect of facing criminal charges in Cincinnati, Ohio, can be extremely frightening and cause a great deal of anxiety. This stress and fear are enough to make anyone accidentally say or do something that can be used against them during a court trial, which can make the job of a criminal defense attorney that much more difficult. 

At the Joslyn Law Firm, we believe that having capable legal representation is the best way for someone who is facing criminal charges to get those charges significantly reduced or dismissed entirely. To make sure that your case is as strong as it can be, our criminal defense attorney, Brian Joslyn, has offered some essential advice on what to do in the event that you are arrested and charged with a crime in Cincinnati.

What to Do After Being Arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio

It is not unusual for people to panic or allows their anxiety to overrun their senses while they are being arrested. To help you stay calm and help yourself if and when a court case begins, here are 5 things to do once you’re arrested in Cincinnati:

  • Don’t Say Anything: If you are arrested, one of your rights is to remain silent. Exercise that right! Anything you say can and will be used against you during a court case, so do not speak to the police. The only things you will be required to tell the police are your name, address, and biographical information. Other than that, stay silent. 
  • Stay Calm: The situation can be stressful and cause you anxiety or fear. You need to overcome those feelings and remain calm. When we get stressed out or nervous, we tend to say or do things that we may regret later. Staying calm, cool, and collected is the best way of preventing unwanted actions.
  • Follow Police Instructions: No matter what happens, follow police instructions to the letter, and do not give them a reason to charge you with anything else. Obey the police’s directions, do not resist the officer, and be polite. This will be to your benefit if and when your case goes to court.
  • Ask to See a Warrant: The police cannot legally search your body, home, or vehicle without a warrant, so you must ask to see the warrant before you allow them to do so. Do not allow them to conduct a search without first seeing the warrant. If they do perform the search, do not interfere in any way, or you could be arrested for obstruction.
  • Ask for a Lawyer: Other than your name and other identifying information, the only thing you reason to speak to the police is to request a lawyer. Do this immediately and repeatedly. Do not volunteer any other information and only talk about the case to your attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you through this time of crisis and determine the best course of action to defend you.

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