Joslyn Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyer Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

In the above video, our team at the Joslyn Law Firm discusses the judicial system and our role as criminal defense attorneys. We go into depth about how criminal charges can happen to anyone of any standing, and how important it is to surround yourself with an experienced defense team. Our Cincinnati defense lawyers understand how stressful and terrifying an arrest or summons can be. We want to ease that anxiety by providing top legal services and crafting an effective and efficient defense tailored to your case.

If you’re facing criminal charges of any type, whether it’s domestic violence, OVI, property crimes, theft, or a white-collar offense, our team at the Joslyn Law Firm is ready to defend you and your freedom. Call our offices today to discuss your charges with a skilled and experienced Ohio criminal defense lawyer today.


You’ve been accused of a crime. You’re probably frightened, scared, and have no idea what to do. I completely understand what you’re feeling, and I take it personally. I’m Brian Joslyn. I’m a criminal defense attorney, and I really want to help you. One of the first things I tell a potential client is you can trust. Trust is what being a lawyer is all about and I need that trust to give you the best representation possible. Understand that no matter what criminal charges you’re facing, we never judge our clients. An attorney should represent their client without hesitation and without question. My job is to protect you regardless of what you did and didn’t do. It’s absolute dedication to protecting your rights.

Our firm has handled 20,000 cases since we’ve opened our doors. The people that have been represented from our firm know what to expect from us. That’s why years later we get a phone call and it’s one of their family members. They say “I was told to come to your firm. I need to speak to one of your attorneys. I’m not going anywhere else.”

In this business, you need thick skin. If you’re going up against the state, you better have some grit and you better have some grind for your client. I’ve tried over 150 cases in my career. We’re familiar in the rules of evidence. We know what the weaknesses in a state’s case may be and we can exploit those weaknesses to a level that may result in a reduction of the charge; or may even result in a not guilty verdict at trial.

The cohesiveness of the team at Joslyn Law Firm is unlike anything I’ve seen at a firm. If you surround yourself with B or C players, you’re going to have a B or C team. We hire A players and nothing else.

I’ll be frank with this, it’s pretty hard to get on my team. If I’m going to hire you, you better be pretty tip-top. I have to feel so comfortable with this person that I would let them represent my own family member before I can hire them.

We have a really unique mix of people. A really unique atmosphere. We all work together on cases and bounce ideas off each other. It’s a very collaborative process. It’s one where you feel like you have a lot of minds working towards getting the best result for your client.

The resources we have available to us are endless. Whatever we need for a case we get. Whether that be an expert witness, funds for additional legal support, all that put together makes a unique experience at the Joslyn Law Firm.

We’ve represented all types of people. We’ve represented celebrities, athletes, blue-collar workers, white-collar professionals, students, cops, FBI agents. We play a vital role in the criminal justice system and I take that responsibility incredibly seriously.

My reputation and our track record cannot be tarnished. I will not let it be tarnished. I’ve worked way too hard to achieve what we have. We know these courthouses, we know these judges, we know these prosecutors. We know what they like to see and what they don’t like to see. And we know how to cater a good defense with the knowledge and experience with the legal community in general.

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