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Heights Mayor's Court

Arlington Heights is a small village in Hamilton County, Ohio. In 2011, Arlington Heights Mayor's Court issued approximately 4,000 traffic tickets. The County has been known to handle twenty times the number of cases as the average Ohio community based on population.

The Arlington Mayor Court staff consists of the Clerk of Court and the Deputy Clerk of Court. It functions as the Violations Bureau and collects unpaid violations regardless of whether a court appearance is required.

Considering that many people are unfamiliar with the process and purpose of Ohio mayor courts in Arlington, it is important to remember the following concerning appearances in Arlington Mayor Court:

  • You have a right to know the identity of the person filing charges against you;
  • You have a right to legal counsel;
  • You have a right to know the nature of the charge(s) against you;
  • You have a right to at least one continuance to obtain counsel , or for some other valid reason;
  • You have a right to see and read the complaint that was filed against you; and
  • You still maintain the right to have a jury trial in the Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Arlington Heights Mayor's Court Lawyer

If you or someone you know was arrested for a minor traffic offense in Hamilton County, specifically in Arlington Heights, then contact an attorney to represent your interests in mayor court.

Our attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm understand the intricacies of mayor courts, and we regularly fight for the rights of those accused of traffic violations on Ohio roads –especially speed trap areas.

Call (513) 399-6289 now to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help your in an Ohio Mayor's Court.

Our attorneys are accessible and available, ready to meet your need. Our clients can call, text, or email. We are dedicated to providing the best possible defense.

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Things to Know for Arlington Heights Mayor's Court

The Arlington Heights mayor court predominantly handles traffic violations. Considering that Ohio, particularly Arlington Heights is known as a speed trap, getting charged with a moving violation or traffic infraction is very common in Ohio.

When appearing in Arlington Mayor's Court, it is important to know what you can and cannot do when addressing a traffic ticket.

Arlington Heights Mayor Court Dates

Arlington Heights Mayor Courts are set for the rest of 2017 with the following dates:


  • 8/3/2017
  • 8/17/2017
  • 8/31/2017


  • 9/14/2017
  • 9/28/2017


  • 10/12/2017
  • 10/26/2017


  • 11/9/2017
  • 11/30/2017


  • 12/14/2017
  • 12/21/2017 

You May Request a Continuance

If you have been issued a notice to appear on your ticket citation and for some reason cannot appear on your scheduled court date, an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Arlington Heights mayor court may be able to argue for a continuance.

Only one continuance will be given without appearing in court, however, and all subsequent requested must be made on the record in court.

Payment Plans

Often times, individuals allow their traffic citations to pile up and ultimately cause enhanced consequences than those originally set forth. In Arlington Heights Mayor Court, an individual may be able to request a payment plan. Those who require a plan must appear in court and make a formal request. 

Posting Bonds

If an alleged offender misses a required court appearance without timely requesting a continuance, then the Mayor court may issue a warrant for the offender's arrest. The individual will then need to post a bond in order to receive a new court date. The bond amount will be determined by the Mayor court judge.

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Cases That Are Not Heard in Mayor Court

Ohio and one other state are the only states in the U.S. that allow mayor's courts and even then, they are limited in scope.  Mayor's courts in Ohio cannot hear cases involving domestic violence, assault, kidnapping, aggravated trespass, violation of protection orders, and similar crimes.

Moreover, if a defendant is required to appear in Mayor's Court and he or she requests a jury trial, then the case must be transferred to Arlington Heights Municipal Court. If the alleged offender is unhappy with the disposition of a case in mayor's court, then he or she has the right to appeal to the Arlington Heights Municipal Court as well.

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Find an Attorney in Arlington Heights Mayor's Court in Hamilton County, OH

If you or someone you know was recently issued a traffic citation, regardless of whether the citation required a court appearance, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys of Joslyn Law Firm.

Having an experienced and dedicated litigator on your side even in Arlington Heights Mayor Court violations, is invaluable.

Call (513) 399-6289 for more information and to schedule a no obligations consultation that will allow our Arlington Height attorney to provide an honest and complete evaluation of your own case.

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