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Preble County

Preble County is a smaller community located on the border of Ohio and the state of Indiana. The county is a quiet area with a population of approximately 42,000 according to the 2010 U.S. census bureau. The county was named after Edward Preble, a navy officer who bravely fought against Barbary Pirates in the American Revolution.

While Preble County doesn’t have a dense population, that doesn’t mean crimes aren’t committed there. Local law enforcement agencies and the sheriff still arrest and charge people every day for crimes such as domestic violence, marijuana possession or assault.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime in Preble County, it’s imperative you gain effective legal representation.

Defense Attorneys in Preble County, Ohio

It may be a smaller county, but that doesn’t mean the Preble County prosecutors get a rest. Butler County residents are still susceptible to the penalties associated with violating Ohio’s laws and constitution. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, it’s imperative you seek legal counsel.

We suggest you contact the attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm. Our criminal defense team is reputable among the legal community and applies all our best resources and knowledge to every case. We can guide you through this traumatic experience by providing excellent legal service. Call us today at (513) 399-6289 to set up your first consultation free.

Joslyn Law Firm accepts clients throughout Preble County and surrounding counties including Hamilton County, Franklin County, Brown County, Clinton County, Warren County and Butler County.

Overview of Attorneys in Preble County, OH

Common Crimes Found in Preble County, Ohio

Everyday crimes are committed in Preble County cities and are discovered by law enforcement. If convicted, offenders may be required to pay fines in the thousands and spend time in jail. The following are some of the most common crimes committed in Preble County.

  • Domestic Violence
  • Violent Crimes
  • Drug Charges Motor Vehicle Crimes
  • Financial Crimes
  • Sex Offenses
  • Theft Crimes
  • Marijuana Crimes

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Crime and Arrest Statistics for Preble County, Ohio

Every year the Ohio Office of Justice Services collects arrest data from law enforcement and sheriff’s offices so they can compile an excel sheet for the general public. These statistics are separated by type of crime and in which jurisdiction it’s located. It’s important to note that Preble County has a smaller population of approximately 42,000. While the numbers may not seem as massive as other counties, you can see these statistics make an impact when you consider Butler County’s population size.

The following are some arrest data gathered from Preble County law enforcement in 2017.

  • Violent Crimes – 18;
  • Property Crimes – 118;
  • Homicide – 1;
  • Rape – 6;
  • Aggravated Assault – 7;
  • Burglary – 35;
  • Larceny – 80;
  • Motor Theft – 3; and
  • Arson – 1

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Court Resources in Preble County, Ohio

Eaton Municipal Court – The city of Eaton in Preble County has its own municipal court to oversee ordinance violations and minor traffic violations. The court is overseen by Judge Paul D. Henry and James W. Thomas as the Senior Magistrate.

Preble County Court of Common Pleas – The Court of Common Pleas handles all trial cases in Preble County including felonies. The court’s website also hosts the state and local sex offender search database. Honorable Stephen R. Bruns is the current judge for the court.

Preble County Prosecutor’s Office – Martin P. Votel is the current prosecuting attorney for Preble County. He prosecutes all felonies and misdemeanor cases the county files against defendants and works collectively with law enforcement on criminal investigations.

Supreme Court in Ohio – Cases that have been appealed multiple times eventually end up in the Supreme Court. Ohio’s Supreme Court is the highest court in the state and makes final decisions on cases and interpretations of the law. It’s currently run by 6 associate judges and the Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.

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Law Enforcement Resources in Preble County, OH

Preble Count’s Sheriff’s Office – The Preble County sheriff’s offices works to protect its citizens and to provide services for the community. In addition, the office offers jail and corrections services to inmates who qualify. The current sheriff is elected Sheriff Simpson who was appointed as sheriff in 2003.

Eaton Police Department – The Eaton police force provides effective policing in order to reduce crime, injuries and save lives from criminal activity. Steven Hurd the current Chief of Police and oversees the actions of eleven sworn in police officers.

Ohio State Highway Patrol – Highways are overseen by the Ohio Highway Patrol, which is a sect division of the Department of Public Safety. Their mission is to protect lives and property on the roadways by offering effective policing and promoting traffic safety.

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Additional Resources

Preble County’s Website – Visit the official website for Preble County in Ohio to learn more about their programs, services and elected officials. Access the site to gain access to important forms, the law library, and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Ohio’s Criminal Laws – Visit the official website for the Ohio Revised Code to read up on their laws and rules for the state. Access the site to learn more about the penalties, admissible defenses and specific elements that makes someone guilty of a crime.

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Preble County Defense Lawyers in Ohio

Have you been arrested for a crime in the Preble County area? You could be burdened with expensive fines and even incarceration if you find yourself convicted. Avoid these penalties by hiring legal counsel that has your best interest in mind. You can find representation that emulates that with Joslyn Law Firm.

Our firm take an aggressive and thoughtful approach to each and every case. We want to utilize our resources and years of practice for your case to get the best possible result. Call us now at (513) 399-6289 to schedule your first free consultation.

Joslyn Law Firm practices throughout Preble County including Eaton, Camden, Gratis, West Alexandria, and Lewisburg.

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This article was last updated on July 25, 2019.

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