Drug Paraphernalia

It is common knowledge that possessing a drug or controlled substance is illegal in Ohio. However, you may not be aware that possessing drug paraphernalia is a crime as well. Drug paraphernalia can mean various things. It can be as basic as a scale or a plastic baggie.

Ohio is not kind to those who are convicted with possession, use, or selling of drug paraphernalia. A drug paraphernalia conviction can result in a misdemeanor charge. Misdemeanors can have penalties of heavy fines and even possible jail time.

If you or someone you know has been charged with the use, sale, or possession of drug paraphernalia, it is vital that you seek legal representation.

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Overview for Drug Paraphernalia in Ohio

Ohio Drug Paraphernalia Laws

Ohio Revised Code § 2925.14 defines "drug paraphernalia" as any kind of equipment, material, or product of any kind that is used to consume, sell, hide, package, or manufacture a controlled substance. The law itself goes into more detail, and lists every kind of usage for drug paraphernalia.

Drug paraphernalia encompasses any kind of materials that are involved in any of the following: 

  • containing;
  • concealing;
  • processing;
  • preparing;
  • testing;
  • analyzing;
  • packaging;
  • repackaging;
  • storing;
  • injecting;
  • propagating;
  • cultivating;
  • producing;
  • ingesting,
  • growing;
  • harvesting;
  • manufacturing;
  • compounding,;
  • converting; 

Some instruments are designed to use, manufacture, or sell drugs. However, some drug abuse instruments are normal household objects. For instance, an envelope concealing drugs can be considered drug paraphernalia under Ohio law.

Types of Drug Paraphernalia in Cincinnati

Drug paraphernalia is quite a large category. It can range from sifters to divide drugs to marijuana cultivation equipment. Law enforcement can sometimes conclude domestic items are drug paraphernalia, such as a table spoon that is used to heat a controlled substance.

The following are a few types of drug paraphernalia:

  • Plastic baggies
  • Measuring Scales
  • Syringe or needle
  • Water pipes
  • Marijuana growing equipment
  • Smoking masks
  • Diluting equipment
  • Chillum
  • Roach clips
  • Cigarette papers
  • Cocaine freebase kits
  • Chamber, carburetor, or electric pipe;
  • Storage containers for controlled substances

Cincinnati Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia in Ohio

Ohio laws are not light on drug paraphernalia charges. The penalties for drug paraphernalia convictions are reliant on how it was used, and who it was used by. Simple possession or use of a drug paraphernalia instrument can result in a misdemeanor in the fourth degree.

The following is the maximum penalties for a fourth degree misdemeanor:

  • A possible fine up to $250
  • Possible jail time up to 30 days

If a person knowingly deals, manufactures or sells drug paraphernalia he or she may face a misdemeanor to the second degree. This includes if the alleged offender places an advertisement for sale of the drug abuse instrument in a newspaper, magazine, handbill, or other publication that circulates throughout Ohio.

The following is the maximum penalties for a second degree misdemeanor:

  • A possible fine up to $750
  • Possible jail time up to 90 days

Lastly, if a person sells drug paraphernalia to a juvenile(s) they will face a misdemeanor of the first degree. A juvenile under Ohio Revised Code § 2925.01 is defined as a person under the age of 18.

The following is the maximum penalties for a first degree misdemeanor:

  • A possible fine up to $1,000
  • Possible jail time up to 90 days

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This article was last updated August 21, 2018.