Domestic Violence and Specialized Prosecution

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Domestic Violence and Specialized Prosecution

Domestic violence cases can be extremely complex matters for prosecutors to handle. When a person has been accused of committing a violent crime, there is an additional sense of pressure to do whatever it takes to protect the alleged victims and their families.

Oftentimes, the surest way to provide immediate protection involves incarcerating the alleged offender. Convictions for crimes domestic violence carry increasing levels of penalties and prosecutors know that many judges and juries will opt to impose strict sentences on the people accused of these offenses if it means keeping spouses, children, and other family members safe.

Lawyer for Domestic Violence Offenses in Cincinnati, OH

Were you arrested for any kind of domestic violence-related crime in Hamilton County? Do not attempt to enter any plea negotiations with a prosecutor until you have legal counsel. Contact Joslyn Law Firm today.

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Overview of Domestic Violence and Specialized Prosecution in Ohio

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Victim Advocates for Domestic Violence Charges in Hamilton County

The City Prosecutor’s Office in Cincinnati is responsible for prosecuting all criminal cases brought before the Municipal Court for criminal offenses occurring within the city limits. The Prosecution Division has two Domestic Violence Victim Advocates who serve as liaisons to victims of domestic violence whose cases are being prosecuted by the City Prosecutor’s Office.

The objective of victim advocates is “to reduce the stress, fear, alienation and confusion victims sometimes experience as they navigate through the criminal justice system.” Victim advocates provide emotional support and information for victims of domestic violence, and they sometimes accompany victims to court.

The Domestic Violence Victim Advocates in the City Prosecutor’s Office help by:

  • Facilitating communication with prosecutors; and
  • Offering advocacy, support and referral to the victims.

Victim advocates generally provide victims with information so they know their options, but they do not necessarily tell victims what to do.

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Cincinnati Domestic Violence Victims’ Rights Under the Ohio Revised Code

Under Ohio Revised Code § 2930.04(A), a law enforcement agency responsible for investigating a crime is required after initial contact with the victim to give the victim, in writing, all of the following information:

  • An explanation of the victim’s rights under this chapter;
  • Information about medical, counseling, housing, emergency, and any other services that are available to a victim;
  • Information about compensation for victims under state reparations programs and the name, street address, and telephone number of the agency to contact to apply for an award of reparations under those sections;
  • Information about protection that is available to the victim, including protective orders issued by a court.

Furthermore, Ohio Revised Code § 2930.04(B) establishes that the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating the crime must give the victim all of the following information as soon as practicable after initial contact:

  • The business telephone number of the law enforcement officer assigned to investigate the case;
  • The office address and business telephone number of the prosecutor in the case;
  • A statement that, if the victim is not notified of the arrest of the offender in the case within a reasonable period of time, the victim may contact the law enforcement agency to learn the status of the case.

When an alleged offender is arrested for the specified crime, Ohio Revised Code § 2930.05 states that the law enforcement agency investigating the crime will give the victim of the crime or notice of all of the following within a reasonable period of time after the arrest or detention of the alleged offender:

  • The arrest or detention;
  • The name of the defendant or alleged juvenile offender;
  • Whether the defendant or alleged juvenile offender is eligible for pretrial release or for release from detention;
  • The telephone number of the law enforcement agency;
  • The victim’s right to telephone the agency to ascertain whether the defendant or alleged juvenile offender has been released from custody or from detention.

Under Ohio Revised Code § 2930.06, the prosecutor in a criminal case—to the extent practicable—should confer with the victim in the case before:

  • Pretrial diversion is granted to the alleged offender;
  • Amending or dismissing an indictment, information, or complaint against the alleged offender;
  • Agreeing to a negotiated plea for the alleged offender; or
  • Before a trial of the alleged offender by judge or jury.

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Ohio Domestic Violence and Specialized Prosecution Resources

Domestic Violence Victim Advocates | City of Cincinnati — Cincinnati has two Domestic Violence Victim Advocates in the City Prosecutor’s Office. The Advocates work in the Prosecution Division of the City Prosecutor’s Office. They serve as liaisons to domestic violence victims with cases being prosecuted by the office and provide information and notification of court proceedings, facilitate communication with prosecutors, and offer advocacy, support, and referral to the victims.

Cincinnati City Prosecutor’s Office
801 Plum St # 226
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 352-5333

Enforcement | Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office — Visit this website to learn more about the multiple sections and specialized units of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The Patrol Section provides primary police service to 13 unincorporated townships in Hamilton County. You can also learn about the Criminal Investigations Section, Special Response Team, and other units.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
1000 Sycamore St #100
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 946-6400

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Joslyn Law Firm | Cincinnati Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

If you believe you are under investigation or were already arrested for any kind of crime of domestic violence in Hamilton County, it is in your best interest to immediately seek legal representation. Joslyn Law Firm can help protect your rights and fight to possibly get criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Cincinnati criminal defense attorney Brian Joslyn represents clients in Colerain, Green, Miami, Symmes, Norwood, Blue Ash, Reading, Harrison, Miamitown, and several surrounding communities in southwestern Ohio. Call (513) 399-6289 or fill out an online contact form right now to take advantage of a free consultation that will let our lawyers review your case and discuss your legal options.

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